Integrating B2B Telemarketing With Other Marketing Channels to Boost Your ROI

U.S. B2Bs rely on Blue Valley Marketing for telemarketing support that enhances lead generation efforts.

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

B2B Telemarketing is a Perfect Partner For Digital Media

When you choose only one method of reaching your audience, or lean too heavily on a particular channel, you are likely to miss connecting with segments of your target audience. By integrating B2B telemarketing with digital media, you cast a wider net and create more connection points with your potential buyers.

For instance, social media is a great way to build brand awareness, but it can be a one-way conversation, making it challenging for you to gather information about your contact or gauge their level of reservation in making a decision. B2B telemarketing allows you to ask questions to gain critical information for lead nurturing. Here are more benefits of integrating your marketing channels:

Social media gives you something to talk about: If you’ve got a blog post that’s stirring up conversation on LinkedIn, or a white paper that’s been heavily accessed via social media, it can be a great conversation starter for your phone call. If they haven’t had a chance to look at it, help them bypass the search and send it directly to their inbox.

Social media also builds up brand awareness. If you’re just starting out, this can be a great way to give your contacts a point of reference when you call. When you make your call, they’ll have seen your name out on social media and the kinds of content you post.

B2B Telemarketing helps direct your email marketing activities: Conversations through telemarketing always benefit from a follow-up, and email is a great way to do it. Use it to send relevant content to follow up on a conversation you had on a specific challenge your contact is facing, or to send a promotional discount directly to them. Email is also a great way to simply say, “Thanks for your time today.”

Telemarketing helps you clean up your contacts: There’s a lot of information you need to qualify and nurture a lead, and it’s rarely easy to find it through digital channels. Consider the data you can collect through a telemarketing call:

  • Learn who all the decision-makers are involved in the buy cycle
  • Hear about specific challenges they are trying to solve
  • Find out where they are in the decision-making process and if there are any reservations that you can address
  • Clarify budget limitations

Each of these items helps you provide the right content at the right time of the buy cycle through email or social media, but it also helps you take steps that move the lead toward a conversion. You can build a relationship through B2B telemarketing and collect important information that may never surface through the more passive mode of social media.

B2B telemarketing is a more proactive partner for digital channels. Find out more about integrating your marketing plan by talking with Blue Valley Marketing. We can help you create balance in your channels to move more leads to a decision in your favor.

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