Building Relationships Through Inbound Contact Center Services

Build professional relationships with your customers based on human-to-human interactions.

Experts estimate that the average person owns between eight and twelve cars in a lifetime. For the automotive industry, you’re not just thinking about meeting your needs today but also want a timeline of complete customer care for your automotive requirements.

Every time you sell, repair, or service a car, you’re building a relationship, hoping to support your customer’s automotive needs so that you become their preferred choice as a trusted car dealership.

The fact is that competition is skyrocketing across all business industries right after the advent of digitalization, and companies, big or small, with an automotive background, are no exception. They should embrace the technological adaptability of their industry to improve their value proposition and customer experience.

Customers can now shop, repair, or trade in their old cars for new ones from the comfort of their homes, making it twice as important for automotive companies to integrate an effective inbound strategy to boost conversions and attain good revenue streams.

In the same perspective, the research states that customers don’t prefer changing their car dealers or car care providers frequently. It shows that automotive ventures can leverage big data by nurturing long-term relationships with the best inbound call center services.

Below, we elaborate on how nurturing customer relationships adds to the company’s reputation, increases revenues, and results in fewer missed business opportunities. 

Here’s how using inbound contact center services helps companies in this industry become seamlessly reputable when it comes to auto trading. 

It does not matter that your customers are reaching out to you for repair appointments or inquiring about a new automobile; as long as the inbound phone support is bridging the gap between the company and its customers/prospects, the automotive firms are bound to thrive.

Capitalize On Key Opportunities

By the time a potential customer calls your location for the first time, they’re already well-informed about who you are and what you do. They’ve researched your company online and know about your values and services. And they haven’t only researched your company. Just in case they get funneled into voice mail or spend a long time on hold, they’ve also got your competitor’s number handy.

To avoid losing a potential customer to a competitor, you may go for the quick fix. When dealerships or repair shops start seeing voicemails and wait times stack up, the initial thought may be to hire more in-house agents. But you may find this solution to be too costly between onboarding, training, and benefits.

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Invest In Relationships

Relationships are the cornerstone of success in the automotive industry. Even if your potential customer takes a moment to leave a voicemail, it is still a missed opportunity. You’ve missed a chance for connection, for conversation, for building a relationship.

You’re not just in the business of selling or servicing cars. You want to build a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership with each customer that is based on trust, responsiveness, and an understanding of their needs. 

These elements create the right incentive to keep a customer coming back for every repair, for every service appointment, and for every additional car they own over a lifetime. As their needs change across various stages of life, you’re right there in lockstep with them.

Close The B2C Gap With Inbound Contact Center Services

Capturing these opportunities while building better relationships is the heart of good business in the automotive industry. Inbound contact center services help you make the most of those opportunities that might otherwise slip through the cracks: reminders about service appointments, inquiries about appointments and even following up on leads.

All the while, your contact center services agent is representing your business, seamlessly acting as a part of your in-house team. 

But it’s not always easy to find the right provider, so look for these qualities:

  • US-Based Teams: Hire a U.S.-based team with agents delivering the same experience, service exposure, and excellence that your in-house agents provide to not compromise quality.  
  • Training & Development: Hire inbound contact centers that allow agents to use consistent language styles and brand messaging when representing your business.
  • Multi-Channel Communication: Work with inbound call centers with multi-channel communication to respond to customers in the format of their choice: voice calls, text, email, or live chat! 

Reshaping Your Automotive Company With The Best Inbound Call Center Solutions!

At one point, the automotive car dealerships observed a huge influx of customers walking into their showrooms, making calls to their contact centers for an online car brief, or even writing emails to set up quick appointments to learn about their preferred car choice and their best buying options.

On the flip side, the highly competitive nature of this business industry is posing multiple challenges to car-care automotive companies, especially when customers are looking for brief, valuable insights about car performance and evaluation, which also reshapes their buying behavior.

Customers have become familiar with contacting companies working in the automotive industry and believe in evaluating their level of customer experience by measuring the level of service excellence of their inbound call center reps when it comes to handling queries.

This makes it a mandatory business practice to sense and integrate the best inbound call center services to surpass the challenges faced by automotive companies in developing businesses with new and old prospects.

Here’s our take on reshaping your automotive company by integrating it with the best inbound call center service, backed by the latest stats from the automotive industry and consumer records.

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1. Drive Conversions With Inbound Phone Support

Auto dealers today should prioritize integrating the best inbound customer service solution to nurture long customer relationships and boost conversions by the day! In fact, the latest data from AICDR suggests that a total of 106 million phone calls were received from inbound customer service at car-trading companies within a 4-year span after the automotive industry met the digital revolution.

Out of that, 54% of phone calls resulted in big-scale revenue opportunities, as communicated by auto-trade experts. This solely marks the undeniable and immeasurable importance of integrating an inbound call center into your business strategy so that auto-trading companies can effectively address customer needs with the correct information and instant guidance at hand.

2. Building Brand Persona

A well-structured, tech-savvy inbound call center solution offers the power punch of success when it comes to winning big with your brand persona. It’s true that customers who are looking to uptick their auto trade needs by contacting one of your inbound customer service representatives would also develop some kind of perception about your company laid out by your brand persona, which also impacts their buying behavior. That’s why building an established brand persona is phenomenally important for automotive companies.

By integrating highly responsive, customer-focused inbound phone support, automotive companies can successfully boost their customer satisfaction, while the magic of the brand persona subconsciously attracts new prospects to the business to boost conversions.

3. Refine Your CX & FCR

Since auto-trading involves high-value purchase orders, it is extra important for car companies to recalibrate their business strategy and hire an exceptional call center outsourcing agency to handle customers with top-rated inbound call center service. This can be a great opportunity to refine your overall CX and improve your FCR policy so you can become your customers’ most preferred automotive choice.

In the long run, companies coming from the car-dealing niche can use this as a stepping stone for building trust and instilling confidence in new customers so they can initiate hassle-free automotive dealing with one of your inbound agents

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When you offer friendly, flexible, and warm conversations as part of your customer experience, those customers tell their friends, building networks of relationships with customers that all keep coming back to your business over a lifetime of car ownership.

At Blue Valley Marketing, we believe that business is always about building trusted relationships, and our U.S.-based, multichannel inbound contact center service agents would like to help you build better relationships with your customers. Contact us today to get started.

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