Closing the Healthcare Communication Gap

Accurate, timely communication is critical in the healthcare industry.

Timely and accurate communication is critical in healthcare. Your team is under constant pressure to be a bridge between healthcare providers and patients, as well as between multiple providers as they coordinate care for patients.

A delay in communication can have drastic consequences. Even if it’s not a matter of life or death, a patient waiting for an update can be under tremendous stress and their experience with your contact center may determine where they seek care in the future.

Ultimately, you want your patients to feel that their concerns are your concerns, and you want to equip your healthcare providers with the communication support that leads to better outcomes for patients. Outsourcing your inbound contact center services can help you provide exceptional care to your patients and streamline information sharing between healthcare providers.

Equipping All Types of Care: Healthcare is varied, with large hospital complexes sharing information with small clinics and therapy providers. Whether you run a bustling test center or a small family practice, you may be looking for a way to manage calls that can otherwise go to voice mail or stay on hold for long periods of time.

Depending on the type of healthcare setting you operate, there are also variations in how much and the type of assistance you may need. If you’re a large clinic, you may be well-staffed but require additional coverage during cold and flu season or when back-to-school physicals cause your contact center to become busier than usual.

And it’s not just hospitals and clinics that need support. From dental care to mental health providers and home health care companies, timely communication is critical in every area of healthcare. Across every segment of healthcare, assistance must be HIPAA-compliant while providing a level of service that makes your patients feel valued and appreciated.

Better Care with Better Costs: When you need additional communication support, it’s important that the care your patients receive is consistent with the experience they have with your organization. And patients should have a wide range of choices in how they communicate so that their comfort is prioritized. Whether they want to call, text, email or chat, you’ll be ready to connect with their needs.

You may also be surprised to find that outsourcing your inbound contact center services is affordable. Services can be tailored to your exact needs so that you’re never paying for agents that aren’t actively supporting your patients. And you get more communication support for patients without needing to budget for recruiting costs, onboarding, training and benefits. You simply pay for the services you need.

Responding to Patient Interest: Advertising plays an important role in how patients pursue care plans. From specific prescription drugs to walk-in tubs and other medical equipment, your healthcare facility may receive inquiries as a result of increased advertising for a particular product. Even a change in Medicare rules can spur an increase in calls from patients wanting more information.

When these calls begin to roll in, you often have little to no anticipation of the increased call volume. An inbound contact center services solution can help you handle the overflow of call volume and assist patients with the information they need to plan their best possible care.

At Blue Valley Marketing, we offer a completely U.S.-based, multichannel patient experience designed to help you offer better care. Contact us to learn more about our customized support that helps you reduce costs, improve efficiency and ultimately provide a higher level of care for your patients.

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