Building Up a Sales Lead

How to Attract a Sales Lead and Increase Revenue

sales leadYou know that only a certain percentage of consumers will make their way into a buy cycle with your brand. However, when you segment your target audience, you get a better idea of where you can spend your time and money to attract the most qualified sales lead.

One of the most widely used methods of connecting to a sales lead that will become a loyal customer is through social media. For instance Facebook offers a fun, informative and helpful way to connect with leads, and you can do it through your company Facebook page. Through Facebook you can build a community of like-minded people who could very well become loyal customers and supporters of your brand. When they identify with your brand, they become spokespeople for it, which is free advertising. Facebook is also an excellent channel for ads that support your brand and bring in new leads.

When discussing social media, don’t forget about LinkedIn. LinkedIn Groups has become an excellent source for finding leads because this forum allows you to join groups that are the most relevant for your industry, and it’s where powerful relationships can be formed. But it’s not all about leads. When getting into group discussions, you pick up tips on best practices and gain knowledge from others who have had vast experiences in your industry.

You want people to trust your brand. One way to achieve this trust is through being a thought leader. As a thought leader you want to produce quality content through resources like eBooks and white papers that offer a great deal of knowledge to the community, and that reflects positively on your brand. It’s an organic process that can pull in a sales lead as well as give your brand some cache.

With the right content marketing campaign, you can gain earned media mentions, which studies have found are among the most influential resources for consumers. Being available to local media sources for comment on something affecting your industry is one way to get in front of the public and get your brand recognized by more people. Sometimes it’s a creative Twitter campaign or advertisement that goes viral, creating excellent word-of-mouth scenarios and earned media mentions.

A method of bringing in more qualified leads that has worked for decades is telemarketing. Despite all the new technology available to the public today, telemarketing continues to offer the kind of return on investment that companies are looking for. Getting connected with a reputable telemarketing firm, one that has a clean record, latest telemarketing technology, expertly trained staff and effective work processes, is almost sure to bring you the results you’re looking for in establishing new leads.

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