Lead Generation Services: Getting in Touch With the Right Channels

Telemarketing Among the Best Marketing Tools in Delivering Lead Generation Services

Marketers are constantly looking for improvements in their conversion rates while also keeping anlead generation services eye on what’s influencing sales. Another concern is accurately tracking marketing return on investment. Lead generation services are an important part of every marketing plan, and some of the best include telemarketing.

Marketers today are focused on digital mediums. For instance, email remains among the top channels in the digital landscape with nearly 60 percent of marketers polled in one survey saying it’s their most valuable channel. Social media, case studies, blogs and public relations strategies are also top channels mentioned in a study by Oracle Eloqua titled “Defining the Modern Marketer.”

According to the report, marketers often feel they’re underperforming in several areas of lead generation. For instance, conversion rates average around 11 percent when a more ideal number would be 19 percent. Targeting levels of 19 percent are underperforming by a full 10 percentage points. Engagement is about nine percent under the ideal scenario. A well-rounded strategy that includes telemarketing in the mix can provide better results.

There is a big push to go with more “modern marketing” practices, and about 60 percent of those surveyed said they are adopting them. Does this mean telemarketing, an age-old marketing channel, should be left out of the mix? The answer is no. Telemarketing agencies that perform at the top of the industry are adopting new technology to not only keep them relevant, but to also push them to the forefront of lead generation services. Among the top challenges facing marketers today, according to the survey, includes in descending order, the need to see faster and more relevant touch points, measuring return on investment, and delivering a timely message to the client.

Logic would dictate that having more channels through which to reach prospective clients would improve the rate at which sales occur, but this is not the case. It is important to be strategic about the channels you use, utilizing the right channels correctly and efficiently. Email continues to be a highly prized channel for marketers due to its ability to deliver content-rich messages to a wide audience with little cost. However, for the modern marketer who believes they should be doing better, another look at telemarketing is in order.

Lead generation services are what the best telemarketers can deliver, and at an excellent ROI. Telemarketing offers a highly proactive solution to lead development. When paired with the right telemarketer, companies see more qualified leads enter the sales cycle. Blue Valley Telemarketing is a company that uses the latest software and hardware to deliver top-notch lead generation services. We consistently put our clients in touch with highly motivated buyers, which produces an excellent ROI that can be measured easily. Contact us today and find out more about how we deliver our services.

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