Best Marketing Campaigns: Choose the Right Channels

Telemarketing is a Valuable Part of the Best Marketing Campaigns

best marketing campaignsToday there is a heavy focus on social media when marketers are strategizing for the best marketing campaigns. While social media weighs heavily in many B2B marketers’ strategies, it’s not the only channel that can be impactful. In fact, when it comes to generating more quality leads, telemarketing continues to be among the best options, offering the highest rate of effective interaction.

It’s the human touch that is missing in many of the campaigns that marketers are using today to reach out to clients and potential clients. You may be relying only on inexpensive methods, such as email, to put your content in the hands of the largest number of prospects in very short order. However, the chances of these emails being deleted or ignored may be high. All the work that went into developing useful content is wasted, simply because the distribution channels weren’t part of a larger strategy.

The best marketing campaigns begin with careful planning. As a marketer, you want to take the time to know your customers and potential customers at deeper levels. When an in-depth understanding of the lead is established, a message to them can be more carefully and expertly crafted, and the channels through which they prefer to be contacted are known. The best way to get to know your leads and to develop a relationship with them is through telemarketing.

Another component of the best marketing campaigns is the use of automation. Marketing automation software can help ease the strain involved in manual tasks, which might include email, social media and website tasks. However, telemarketing has consistently remained at the forefront of utilizing automation technology to improve the efficiency at which leads can be contacted and managed. Call recording, call monitoring and reporting automation is assisting telemarketers in improving the return on investment that clients get when they use their services.

While some marketers believe telemarketing may be an outdated process and that newer, more digital means of communication are appropriate in today’s B2B environment, the fact is that decision makers still require the human touch in their day-to-day dealings. Furthermore, decision makers in the B2B environment welcome telemarketing because it is an outlet for them to stay connected with the products and services that make a difference in their organization and in their industry.

Thanks to the human touch that telemarketing delivers, customer retention becomes an easier business goal to meet every year. Telemarketers are expert communicators and know how to guide a conversation and how to listen to the concerns, complaints, expectations and needs of the client. These interactions are noted and forwarded on to people who need fact-based information for excellent decisions about the future of the company.

At Blue Valley Telemarketing, we know marketers today are seeking out every conceivable channel to connect to clients and prospective clients. We also know that the need for a proactive channel will remain a part of the best marketing campaigns, and we’re offering that to our clients. Learn more about our services by contacting us today.

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