B2B Lead Nurturing: Bringing More Buyers Into the Buy Cycle

Use Telemarketing as a Part of Your B2B Lead Nurturing Strategy

B2B lead nurturingB2B buyers are not likely to fall for an impulse buy like you may see with your average consumers. B2B marketing tactics have to be more nuanced and need to rely on nurturing techniques. There are a number of tactics that will work for getting more B2B buyers into the buy cycle, including B2B lead nurturing.

There is a lot at stake for the B2B buyer when they make a major purchase. They risk their reputation, and in some cases, their job, when they spend company money on your products and services. The best marketers are able to put them at ease and give clients the confidence they need to buy without regret. B2B lead nurturing, therefore, is a critical aspect of the marketing strategy.

How do you build relationships with your leads? Are you utilizing social media channels? How about email and direct mail – are these also channels you utilize to build up relationships? While all these channels have their place in marketing, particularly content marketing, more proactive means need to come into play if you’re going to truly build a trusting relationship with your clients and potential clients.

The smart way to build a relationship is to use the human touch, and there is not another channel out there that can offer the human touch better than telemarketing. Through telemarketing we’re able to communicate effectively with leads. We can gauge their interest and where they stand in relation to the buy cycle. We get to know about their likes and dislikes. We nurture the relationship with them until they are sales ready. This is what B2B lead nurturing is all about.

Perhaps you’ve tried an in-house telemarketing team and have had little success. While many organizations take this step in an effort to save money, this could actually be hurting your brand. Professional telemarketers have training behind them (and ongoing training) that helps them to be expert communicators. Furthermore, they’re equipped with the best software and hardware, which assists them in efficiently and effectively carrying out their marketing duties.

Get more traction with your next campaign by outsourcing your telemarketing needs. Bring in a trusted organization to assist you in your campaign, nurture leads and prop up your ability to send buy-ready leads to your sales team. Find the telemarketing organization that has experience in your industry and talk to them about how they develop relationships with B2B buyers.

Blue Valley Telemarketing is an organization that knows the power of the human touch. We develop some of the best telemarketing professionals in the industry. These are people who know how to build relationships, develop a sense of trust with leads, nurture leads, and have the conversations that result in more actionable data being funneled into your database. Contact us today and let’s talk about your next campaign.

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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