Gather Your Marketing Statistics and Improve Your Outreach

Marketing Statistics: Collecting Data and Acting on it With Telemarketing

marketing statisticsSpotting marketing trends isn’t always easy. Marketing statistics, however, can be carefully weighed and used to gain insights into trends. Once those statistics are weighed, you have to choose the right channels to effectively communicate with your target market.

Some of the most basic statistics involve demographics, like age, geographical location, level of income and preferences the target audience might have on specific products and services. This is basic information, but it’s vitally important. Most organizations have this data in their customer relationship management systems.

Marketing statistics can also be used in market tracking, which is called upon to assist in measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty to your brand. Market tracking is also a way to evaluate your relationship with your clients, revealing weaknesses and strengths, and it should give you ideas of how you can forge on with your marketing and ideas on how to change what isn’t working.

Statistics related to loyalty programs can also unearth a great deal of important information. For instance, if your customers are using a loyalty card to make purchases, you automatically have information about what products they’re buying. This opens the door to cross-selling items that they haven’t yet purchased. But how will you reach out to these clients to let them know about your other products and services?

Marketing statistics can be the foundation of great change within your organization, but you must be able to identify the channels for the distribution of your content marketing material. If you know of a product or service that will be of particular interest to your client based on what they’ve previously purchased, you need to identify the right channel to communicate with them.

Most will answer that they will reach out to them through cost-effective channels, such as email or social media. However, the proactive approach works better, and there is no channel more proactive than telemarketing.

Telemarketing might be one of the oldest methods of distributing content and gathering leads, but it remains one of the best channels. Telemarketers are utilizing marketing statistics every day and making quality contact with clients using the human touch.

Almost every client will have a different preference on how they prefer to gain information about your brand, which is why you should use a multi-channel outreach approach. However, don’t neglect telemarketing because it opens the door to more marketing data than you can gather in other channels. You can find out if your price point is out of line, if your products or services are lacking in a specific area, how you can change your product or service to align with your clients preferences, and much more.

Blue Valley Telemarketing is a company that knows the value of marketing statistics, and we use them to assist our clients in their campaigns. We can assist you in pulling together your statistics so they mean something, and then act upon them with our telemarketing services. Find out how we can assist you by contacting us today.

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