Is B2B Telemarketing a Part of Your Comprehensive Marketing Strategy?

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Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

B2B Telemarketing is a Reliable Way to Nurture and Qualify Leads

In today’s marketing landscape, strategy sometimes takes a backseat to hit-and-miss marketing. In order to find a campaign or content format that resounds with an audience, marketers often spend time, money and other resources trying to find the right combination of factors that generate leads. One tool you don’t have to play guessing games with, though, is B2B telemarketing.

B2B telemarketing may seem a little outdated when compared to today’s world of digital marketing, but it hasn’t stopped being a reliable way to produce highly qualified leads. And forget hit-and-miss. Telemarketing consistently produces hits and offers a way to balance your strategy in the unknowns of digital marketing.

Take a look at the benefits you’ll experience when you include telemarketing in your growth strategy:

Building up awareness: Digital marketing is a passive approach to sharing about your brand. With telemarketing, simply by calling and having a conversation, you’ll drive brand awareness. Even if you’re talking with a current customer, they may not be aware of the full range of products and services you offer and it will remind them of your business relationship, too.

Starting a conversation: The two-way dialogue that B2B telemarketing introduces can’t be duplicated with digital marketing. Your potential buyer has the opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback and experience the personal connection that comes with a telemarketing conversation.

Nurturing leads: You could leave this to your sales team, but investing in telemarketing to qualify leads is more cost-efficient than sending out a sales rep to test the waters. Instead, find out through a telephone conversation whether your contact is ready to buy or they’re simply in the exploration phase of a purchase.

Explain complex features: Telemarketing gives you a chance to talk over more complex aspects of your industry and product so that the lead is more equipped to make an informed decision. The conversational setting of telemarketing allows for the natural flow of ideas and gives you an opportunity to connect your contact with a white paper or blog that has more information about the topic.

Improve existing customer relationships: Once you’ve gained a new client, don’t stop reaching out. B2B telemarketing offers a perfect opportunity to follow up on your client’s experience or offer them an additional product or service.

If you’d like to explore B2B telemarketing for your company?s lead generation strategy, talk with our consultants at Blue Valley Marketing. We can help you spend less time chasing hit-and-miss marketing campaigns and instead invest in a tried-and-true resource for reliable and predictable growth.

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