B2B Telemarketing Offers a Reliable, Effective ROI

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A ROI Calculator Can Help You Measure the Value of B2B Telemarketing

Calculating your return on investment (ROI) for your various marketing efforts is very challenging. In fact, it is a challenge so great that many marketers avoid doing it at all. To grow your business, you need to generate qualified actionable leads. How much to invest to generate these leads, and how to measure the ROI is an important part of your business strategy. The benefits of successfully measuring your ROI, and understanding the return on every dollar invested are numerous.

Common questions to ask when looking at the value of different channels as a part of your marketing strategy are:

  • How much can you expect to increase your revenue dollars and, more importantly, your bottom line profits for each dollar you invest?
  • How effective are the different channels for producing the results you want and are traditional methods like B2B Telemarketing still valuable?
  • Do you know how to effectively measure your ROI for targeted results? (Access the ROI calculator on our website to find the answer to this question)

It can be difficult to measure a true ROI when it comes to marketing, because elements like “brand awareness” and “audience engagement” are valuable, but they may not translate directly to sales dollars, and when they do it can take a long time and be close to impossible to measure.

In a recent B2B Marketing article entitled, “Evaluating the Effectiveness of B2B Telemarketing: Does It Still Work?” the author discusses the increasing importance of digital methods in promoting your brand message and how telemarketing still holds value as a part of your marketing strategy.

The continued inclusion of B2B telemarketing in a well-balanced comprehensive marketing plan can increase your results in a number of ways:

  • In some industries, tech-based interactions will never replace human-to-human conversation. Particularly in businesses where you are pitching a people-centered service, personal conversation will always be necessary.
  • While you can find a lot of information online about products and services, it’s still helpful to talk to a live person that can answer questions and provide clarification.
  • A dozen emails flying back and forth or a string of comments sometimes serve to remind you how much easier and efficient it is to simply pick up the phone and have a conversation. In many industries, you’ll eventually get on the phone with someone anyway, so why not begin a personal relationship right away?
  • In addition to all the ways telemarketing aids your growth objectives, it also provides a useful resource for recording and training your employees. You would never want to build a team that hasn’t been trained to talk to real people.

How does telemarketing compare to other types of channels? With all the digital options out there, how do you decide how much of your budget should be targeted toward telemarketing?

Telemarketing is a Tried-and-True Marketing Channel With a Reliable ROI

One of the troubling trends in marketing today is the fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) syndrome. There’s one blog post after another, telling you that they have the secret trick or set of tips that you’re missing in your marketing strategy. Whether it’s a new angle for your social media posts or adjusting the exact frequency of your email newsletter, they all promise that, through digital channels, you’ll increase growth.

There are definite benefits to adding social media and other digital channels to your marketing plan, but the use of digital methods should be measured in the same way you assess any business investment. In other words, what’s your expected ROI for your spending related to digital marketing methods?

Many companies fall into the trap of attaching too much importance to following trends, afraid they are going to miss the next big thing in marketing. They chase one fad after another, spending resources on unproven methods, while reducing their investment in tried-and-true traditional marketing tools.

One of those reliable channels is B2B telemarketing. Telemarketing can seem like an unlikely candidate for a preferred marketing tool. However, while consumer telemarketing has a reputation for being everyone’s least favorite dinnertime phone call, it’s a welcome resource for information and answers among those in a B2B setting. A potential buyer for a product is looking to solve problems, reduce spending and make changes that increase productivity.

If your product or service can solve a problem or remedy a challenge, your telemarketing call is met with enthusiasm by your potential buyer. In fact, there are many benefits that come with B2B telemarketing:

You experience a predictable ROI: Your return is clear when it comes to telemarketing. It’s easy to tell whether your telemarketing efforts are leading to increased sales, as compared to counting shares and click-throughs with social media.

It’s important when comparing marketing channels that you assess your return based on uniform metrics. The most obvious metric to use might be the generation of leads, but you’ll need to determine what counts as a lead. Is a website visitor a lead? How about someone that shares a video you posted?

A lead is more than just a list of contacts that might be interested in your brand. After all, that’s what a target audience is. A lead should be qualified. This means that they have nurtured to the point that they are primed for an in-person meeting with a salesperson. A person that clicks through your email newsletter is not necessarily a qualified lead.

You have an ideal way to qualify and nurture leads: B2B telemarketing is a particularly useful tool for qualifying and nurturing leads. Through a telemarketing call, you have the opportunity to guide a contact to a further point in the engagement cycle by answering questions, talking through reservations and offering additional content related to their situation.

It’s easy to find out what your ROI is for B2B telemarketing. Simply access the ROI calculator on our Blue Valley Telemarketing website! You’ll appreciate knowing exactly what to expect from your telemarketing campaign. If you’re still needing some additional insight into how a telemarketing campaign might fit in with a comprehensive marketing plan, give Blue Valley Telemarketing a call. We’ll look forward to talking about your specific objectives and how a telemarketing campaign can help you reach your goals.

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