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Cut through the online noise and deliver content marketing to the right targets at the right time with telemarketing.

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

In B2B content marketing, there is always a balance between content creation and content promotion. Marketers have to decide how to allocate their resources, debating whether investments in creation or promotion yield the biggest gains in qualified leads and website traffic. As discussed in Claire McDermott’s “Danger Ahead: When Content Distribution is on Auto-Pilot,” there is no level of promotional genius that will save low-quality content.

When you create content that is high in quality, you have something easy to promote and it’s tempting to sit back and simply watch your sales leads stream in. With your focus on the right distribution tools, though, you can increase the impact of your quality content and reap the best possible results from the content marketing resources you’ve spent.

If you create content that is not excellent, but still relatively good in quality, you can often make up the difference with the right promotion strategy. It’s important not to get into a pattern of creating content just to say you’ve done it and check it off the list. After all, promotion can never rescue poor content.

The three elements you need to focus on for strategic distribution: Your marketing team needs to become experts in three areas in order to successfully execute a plan. They need to be adept at list growth, keyword research and usage, and influencer marketing. Each of these tools is effective on its own, but when used in combination they make a significant impact on the success of your marketing plan. These three strategies are important in three of the most popular avenues for distribution of content: social media, email and search.

Don’t rely on automation for SEO: While you need to emphasize search engine optimization, it’s not enough to put the technology in place and then sit back. You need to be intentional about how you choose keywords and how you use them. You may be incorporating into your content a specific keyword, only to find that it’s not a good keyword choice for what you are trying to accomplish. You may be choosing low-ranking keywords or choosing a keyword simply because it’s a high-ranking keyword without considering other factors.

Deciding whether content is meeting a need or answering a question, and whether it is high quality or low quality is somewhat subjective. Distribution and promotion, on the other hand, are not. You can easily run analytics to see exactly which types of SEO content promotion are leading to activity on your website, subscriptions to your blog and qualified leads.

Just because it’s new, doesn’t mean it works better: There’s a lot of activity in social media in the current B2B marketing model. It’s low-cost, it’s easy to analyze and, in the right industries, it’s extremely effective. However, it’s important to note that putting your content publishing calendar at the mercy of automatic social media posts is a poor marketing distribution technique. There are benefits to using tried-and-true distribution methods, and the best results often come from combining traditional with digital methods.

For instance, the popularity of social media for marketing quickly led the marketing world to start contemplating whether it signaled the end of email as a distribution tool. Instead, email remains a reliable way to distribute content and most companies include it as an important part of their strategy.

The same is true of other marketing tools that predate the introduction of social media. Direct mail and telemarketing, present unique benefits that cannot be duplicated by digital distribution tools.

The benefits of including telemarketing in your content marketing distribution strategy: Telemarketing presents a set of benefits that beautifully augment the effectiveness of email marketing and social media marketing. Here are a few of the ways that telemarketing provides valuable assets to any marketing strategy:

  • Telemarketing quickly and easily identifies the decision-makers at a company. You may have contacts for a potential buyer, but there are often multiple decision-makers and stakeholders involved in a purchase in a B2B scenario. With just a couple of telephone conversations, you can determine whether you are marketing to the right audience.
  • Telemarketing immediately builds loyalty and trust. Every conversation that occurs with telemarketing is ultimately person-to-person. The anonymity that sometimes prevents online relationships from developing is gone, and there is a place for warmth and conversation to flow naturally between two people.  Most importantly you connect your content to real time business solutions prospects are searching for.
  • Telemarketing is not passive, like digital forms of content distribution. When you post a blog to social media, you are forced into a passive role, waiting to see if your content will attract any attention. When you add in telemarketing, you can proactively seek out the opinions of your audience.
  • Telemarketing provides immediate feedback. When you use telemarketing, you gain valuable information about what format of content your contact prefers, as well as other details, such as the time of day they generally like to look over content. We recently completed a survey that highlights the missed sales opportunities that occur when you don’t understand how your audience prefers to consume content. Telemarketing can help you identify and build a distribution strategy around the preferences of your target audience.
  • Telemarketing is effective as a content syndication channel. While in a conversation, you can listen for instances where your potential buyer mentions a particular challenge they are facing or a question they have and offer to send them the white paper or blog that deals with their current situation.
  • Telemarketing is an effective way to tell your brand story. When you are using telemarketing, you have a personal way to tell how your company is unique and why it’s positioned best to solve your prospect business challenges. It’s a great way to communicate the values that are central to your identity as a company.

If you’re worried that your content marketing plan is running on autopilot, don’t be afraid to take a look at effective marketing strategies for content distribution. At Blue Valley Telemarketing, we partner with you to create an effective, strategic marketing distribution plan that combines the best tools for your particular situation.

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