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Social Media and Telemarketing Work Together in Successful Marketing Strategies

marketing strategiesTo most marketers, telemarketing and social media marketing occur in two separate areas. But does it have to be that way for all marketing strategies? How can you combine your telemarketing and social media marketing efforts to reach better results?

Everybody has different preferences in how they choose to communicate, gather information, and make purchases. Face-to-face interaction is perfect for some people while a less direct, less interactive approach is the preference for others. However, few can say they aren’t engaged in one form or another with social media, which those platforms are getting wide use for warming up potential leads. While telemarketing is among the most proactive means of connecting to a lead, you can reach even more people pairing it with social media marketing.

One of the greatest attributes of social media is its ability to connect companies to each other and clients to companies (B2B and B2C), which can lead to potentially greater profits. Social media channels, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, allow you to put your brand out there for anyone to see. These are interactive channels in that they become a hub for communication, sharing ideas and sharing opinions. So how does this interplay with telemarketing?

Anything you can do to elicit enough interest that it leads to telemarketing interaction is where your focus should be. Social media warms up the audience, informs them about your brand, your products and services. As your target audience warms up to what you’re offering through your social media efforts, your leads are much more receptive to what you’re selling.

Once you’ve made contact via telemarketing, you can continue to add value to the relationship with frequent updates to your social media channels. The multi-channel approach can help you achieve higher results in your marketing. Adding email marketing to the mix can bring added value. For example, you could send out a quick email to draw attention to specific social media updates with links that easily guide your lead to information that furthers your relationship.

Your ability to establish deeper relationships is really the goal here. Sure, you want a sale in the end, but when the focus is directed more toward the relationship and meaningful interaction, you’re going to develop something far more valuable than what occurs with a quick sale situation – you’re establishing loyalty and return business. When it comes to actually making the sale, the human interaction that occurs with telemarketing is what seals the deal more effectively than any other form of interaction.

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Last Updated on November 20, 2023 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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