Never Miss a Donation With Contact Center Services

Your nonprofit organization may benefit from inbound contact center services to better serve your donors.

As a nonprofit organization, you never take for granted the generosity of your donors. But as much as you appreciate them, you can’t always handle the flood of calls. Donations don’t come in on a timed schedule; you’ve got to adapt and adjust your operations to take advantage of the opportunity. You rely on those donations to meet your goals.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy. When it’s time for your annual donation drive or when a fundraising dinner leads to unusually high call volume, you may be forced to allow a few calls to be on hold.

You’re On. On Mission, That Is.

Your organization has a clear mission, and you’re passionate about reaching your goals. Raising awareness and funds can take a lot of time and energy, and once you succeed, you need even more momentum to handle the response. Whether that means volunteers lining up on the phone lines to see where they can help, offers to organize a food drive or an event or donations of monetary gifts, you can quickly get overwhelmed.

That’s why Blue Valley Marketing is here to support you. On a lot of days, you’re probably in great shape for handling all the inquiries and offers that come into your nonprofit organization. But when something extra is happening, such as a fundraising drive or special event, you need help to close the gap. You’re on a mission, and Blue Valley is here to support you in your mission.

What does that mean? It means a pleasant and easy donor experience. It means no more donors sitting on hold. And ultimately, it means no more missed opportunities, whether that’s in the form of gifts, events or volunteers.

But Why Blue Valley Marketing?

There are a lot of places you could use for contact center services to support your nonprofit organization, but Blue Valley Marketing offers some benefits that are unique:

  • Multichannel Services: Your customers contact you in the format they prefer, whether that’s chat, voice, email or text.
  • Completely U.S.-Based: Our agents are trained to act as an extension of your organization.
  • Customized Services: From the language and phrases your organization prefers to prices that fit your budget, Blue Valley’s programs are tailored to your needs.
  • The “Just-Right” Factor: At Blue Valley Marketing, our agents are trained to hit just the right note in their efforts to make the most of every opportunity without ever pushing your donors away.
  • Driving Improvement: Unlike many of our competitors, Blue Valley Marketing is committed to understanding your goals and forming a plan to deliver more money back to your organization.

When you partner with Blue Valley Marketing for contact center services to support your nonprofit organization, you can trust that our agents conduct conversations just as your in-house team would.  That means consistent excellence in every call. Consider the many services Blue Valley Marketing Offers:

Inbound Fundraising: Allow Blue Valley to help drive higher donations through inbound fundraising that provides the right information to donors and helps you execute on achieving your goals.

Education: All too often, your donors want to help but they don’t know how best to contribute. Our trained team can utilize strategic scripts designed to encourage higher levels of support in ways that secure long-term commitments from your donors.

Monthly Commitments: A monthly donation program equips your most passionate donors with a way to engage in ongoing support to contribute to real change. Blue Valley Marketing agents are trained to communicate the ways in which monthly giving propels the mission forward. Each donor’s commitment is processed by our agents, in partnership with payment gateways.

Boosting Direct Mail Strategies: Your donors that engage through mail still value personal connections with your organization. We add valuable communications and timely service to equip your mail donors with the information they need to continue supporting your goals.

Appreciation: Effectively communicating your appreciation is an important step toward retaining donors. A strategically-timed connection not only thanks them for their giving but also helps gather more information to help understand your donor’s preferences.

Personalized Services: Your donors don’t all possess the same qualities, so it’s important that their experiences are customized. Blue Valley Marketing provides immediate engagement with high-touch service for your high-value donors.

Specialized Training: Our donor-facing service team is highly trained in developing relationships that add value to your organization and personalize each donor’s experience.

Elevated Donor Experiences: Our focus on experience takes your donors to the next level, encouraging them to become passionate advocates for your cause. With a mapped-out understanding of your current experiences, our team works with yours to identify potential gaps and build an experience that builds lifetime connections between your organization and your donors.

Ambassador Programs: Beyond a donor or an advocate, some connections lead to an even more impactful relationship. Blue Valley Marketing’s agents are trained to recognize the potential for an organization ambassador, ready to amplify your cause to other groups and individuals.

Revenue-Based Contact Center: Donor services are typically categorized as a cost center, but through strategic initiatives, donor services offer value-added, personalized services that make giving convenient and easy for donors and increase overall giving.

In addition, we offer a variety of services designed to make the most of your donor interactions:

  • Reporting: Capitalize on opportunities and gain an increased understanding of donor participation with customizable reporting. In addition, Blue Valley Marketing records every call, so when detailed reports aren’t providing the insights you need, you can dig in further to understand how services should be tailored to your preferences.
  • Data Analysis and Testing: Better understand your audiences, improve accuracy and target the right potential donors.
  • Lapsed Donor Reactivation: Many donors simply get out of the habit of supporting an organization they once championed. Reactivation reignites their passion for your cause.
  • Welcome Calls to New Donors: Improve connections with new donors by helping them learn more about your organization and the important role they play in joining your mission.
  • Compliance and Security: For many organizations, the various compliance issues at local, state and national levels can become too complex to navigate. Trust in Blue Valley Marketing’s long experience navigating these concerns to simplify your fundraising processes.

Not only does Blue Valley Marketing provide support for fundraising efforts, but also for the various services that you might find useful: appointment scheduling, surveys, receptionist services, event registration and emergency response calls.

At Blue Valley Marketing, we understand that for nonprofit organizations, your budget is always an important consideration. We create affordable programs that equip you to reach your goals. You don’t need to choose between low rates and excellent contact center services. Contact us at Blue Valley Marketing to learn more.

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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