Marketing Ideas Should Include Telemarketing

blogThe goal of any business-to-business (B2B) marketing campaign, whether it involves an on-site marketing team or a third party, is to close more deals and boost profits. The success you have with your campaign relies on a number of issues, but if you are using telemarketing, your chances of turning more leads into sales are much greater.

The best marketing ideas are those that look to branch out to multiple channels to produce the best results. For example, if you’re utilizing email, webinars, social media and seminars/conferences, you’re going to make the biggest impact possible. Obviously, you aren’t going to hit every one of these channels really hard, but you should consider at least a mix of a few of them and cap it off with a reputable telemarketing firm to really push your campaign over the edge.

We know now that utilizing social media is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal. Just about anyone with a computer, smartphone or tablet is going to be connected to at least one of the many social media outlets available to us today. You need to know which channel your target market is using most and connect with them. The goal is to raise awareness about your brand in a tactful manner that appeals to social media users. When users are familiar with your brand, they are much more likely to be interested in your campaign.

Don’t forget to make sure your website is up to date, flows in an easy to use manner and promotes your brand. Your website should be a perfect tool to walk newcomers through your history, what you’re offering and why they should work with you. When they’ve established this familiarity, they’ll be much more receptive to progressing the sales cycle.

An important rule to remember as you embark on a multi-channel campaign is consistency across every channel. Don’t confuse your leads by sending out different information on each channel. The message has to be the same.

Of all the marketing channels, telemarketing is the most proactive. It’s also important to spend more time developing this portion of your B2B campaign. Marketing ideas in this space should start with a good script that will engage your leads and turn them into a sale. Writing multiple scripts, testing them and then running with the highest performing script is also a wise decision. Be flexible with your script and willing to alter it as needed as the campaign progresses.

The best telemarketing agencies will help you develop your script, test it and work on other areas of the campaign. The goal is to keep costs down while creating the greatest impact per call. Many in-house attempts at this are not successful, either because of the lack of training that goes into getting agents informed, outdated hardware and/or software isn’t top-notch. The best telemarketers will have agents who will hit the ground running. They will also have the latest and greatest software and hardware to see your campaign through to a positive end.

At Blue Valley Telemarketing, we know you want to see a positive return on your investment, which is why we offer comprehensive services that are among the most efficient and effective in the industry. If you want to see a better performance in your next B2B campaign, contact us today.

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