The Most Valuable Sales Tool: Telemarketing

blogIf you’re part of a media and/or publishing company, you’ve probably noticed in the last few years that the services and products you offer your target market has expanded. Because of this, there is more of a focus on hiring marketing professionals to better push the brand and the products. The number one source for renewing subscriptions and developing leads continues to be telemarketing.

Take a look at what you can accomplish with a telemarketing service working with you:

  • Capture Information Accurately: It’s easy for users to complete online forms incorrectly, causing a roadblock in the buying cycle. When you use telemarketers, you can rest assured that any misinformation gets cleared up and all new information is entered into the system correctly.
  • Find the Decision Maker: The more information you gather on a client, the better able you are to identify who can make buying decisions and how they go about their buying process. Armed with this information you can more easily sculpt your script to offer the appropriate information at the appropriate time.
  • Determine the Next Step: Your sales team can only do so much in the buying cycle. They can only speculate what steps will be appropriate. When a telemarketer is brought into the mix, they can help sales teams set up the next step more accurately, and in real time.
  • Justify Efforts: Believe it or not, every sales call you make is not going to result in an interested party at the other end of the line. However, telemarketers are trained to gauge interest, know the appropriate questions to ask and when to move on to the next call. Some clients take longer to pull the trigger while others take some nurturing. Telemarketers know when to nurture and when to drop it.
  • Compliance Made Easy: Reaching out to clients can get you into trouble when those communications are unwelcomed. A normal sales call to you could equal harassment to the wrong contact. Telemarketers will include next-step procedures that inform sales reps what their follow-up should entail and if it is unwelcomed.
  • Accurately Predict the Buy Cycle Timeframe: Almost all of us work around projections of one type or another. How accurate are the sales projections you’re currently working around? If your sales department isn’t gaining useful data from a telemarketing service, you’re probably not renewing subscriptions at the projected rate. Get a better handle on your projections by bringing telemarketing into the process because better communication means better goal setting.
  • Get Your Budget on Track: Renewing subscriptions might not be an option for the company that shows great interest yet has no budget for your product. Telemarketing allows you to proactively communicate with your leads and find out who is a liability.

Blue Valley Telemarketing works in the media/publishing space and has many positive experiences in gaining insights for clients. Our publisher campaigns utilize a mid-American account team that offers full service and detail that results in conversion rates that will make you wonder why you didn’t reach out to us earlier. It’s not too late, contact us today and find out how we can help you renew subscriptions.

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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