Lead Development: Nurturing in the B2B Space

Using Lead Development to Enhance the Bottom Line

lead generationThe quick sale has its advantages, but when it comes to the bottom line, lead nurturing can produce better results. A July 2015 study by Demand Gen Report shows that more than half of B2B marketers nurture leads because they see a 20 to 30 percent better outcome with this focus. What are your lead development efforts, and how do you think you can improve them?

According to the Demand Gen Report, nearly a quarter of marketers surveyed who said they utilize lead development efforts saw a 10 percent increase in their sales opportunities, while another 25 percent recorded a 20 percent improvement. Furthermore, six out of 10 marketers in the B2B space said the key to getting a benefit out of their lead development efforts involves segmenting the audience and focusing on the factors that make each segment unique to the others.

Marketers have their choice in channels when they embark on a lead development project. For instance, the survey shows that 94 percent said the leading channel was email. Social media also ranks high among channels. A survey by KiteDesk earlier this year shows that when marketers use social media as a sales tool, around 75 percent of them nurture these leads at the same time.

Marketers are increasingly relying on data to help push their personalized message in an effort to nurture more leads. This habit is also helping them to mature their lead development solutions. Furthermore, realizing that every target is often in a different phase of the buy cycle, marketers are using data to create more personalized messages that are buy-cycle phase appropriate. This is something around 40 percent of marketers use to enhance their segmentation efforts.

To further enhance lead development, marketers are looking to automation for efficiencies. This is a requisite for diminishing the time it takes to act on the data while also keeping a focus on personalized communication efforts. And when it comes to personalization, nothing beats telemarketing.

B2B marketers throughout the world have realized the impact telemarketing has on their lead development campaigns. Every campaign gets a more developed sense of personalization because of the proactive nature of this channel that others can’t provide. An actual conversation with a B2B prospect goes far above what email can provide to marketers.

Blue Valley Telemarketing
counts lead development as one of our top services. It’s something that we’ve excelled in long before our clients realized the benefits of it. We know the value of communication, of sculpting just the right message that will impact a lead, and we know how to further leads along in the buy cycle, regardless of their position in it. Contact us today and let’s get started on your campaign.

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