Before Sales, Comes Lead Development

How to Incorporate Lead Development Into Your Sales Strategy

Getting from a lead generating call to a sale takes some time and effort. If you aren’t currentlylead development employing a lead development strategy, then you’re probably missing sales. Lead development is simply nurturing an initial contact until it grows into a full-fledged sale. But, it does take some forethought and intentionality.

Be Aware of Each Contact

At the outset, you need to be a close student of your customers and potential customers. You should be aware of when they visit your webpage and have opportunities there for them to interact with information. This can be downloadable material or links they can click for more information. You need to be providing content, but also gaining insight into what interests them. Then, make sure you give more. In the same vein, carefully record comments made during sales calls. A compilation of these comments and content interactions should give a reasonable aggregate picture of your most effective sales angles.

Getting Past the Personnel Firewall

In today’s business environment there are often multiple decision-makers in any organization. And there are usually several layers of protective personnel (let’s call them the firewall) insulating those decision-makers. You need a strategy for connecting with people at each layer. How will you convince them that you deserve time with the true stakeholders? This can be done by providing valuable content whether through email, phone or other channels. Case studies, applicable statistics and verifiable trend reports are some of the types of content that can get you past the firewall.

The Right Kind of Follow-up

Remember that during lead development you are nurturing a relationship. You earn the right to sell through an entry-level sales pitch, content marketing and well-crafted follow-up. Telemarketing services do well here. With a solid telemarketing partner you can reach out to customers in the sales pipeline and work on building trust. Use telemarketing to answer questions, provide more educational information, outline features or ask questions that will yield better customer insight. Make this a contact opportunity rather than a sales push.

Find an Experienced Partner

Not only do you need the right plan for nurturing your leads, you need the right partners to get the job done. That means giving the sales team, the marketing team and the telemarketing team what they need to work in tandem so that all the messaging speaks with a single voice. At Blue Valley Telemarketing we’ve spent years partnering with businesses to achieve sales goals. We can fill numerous roles in the sales pipeline from initial contact to data collection to content sharing and follow up calls. Find out how we can help your business do a better job of lead development.

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