Marketing Strategies Today Center Around Being Proactive

Don’t Forget Telemarketing in Your Marketing Strategies

The best marketing strategies today rely heavily on creating a personalized message, one thatmarketing strategies comes across as very proactive. Being reactive is only important in response to an emergency. A proactive strategy is one that involves anticipating changes and making the appropriate shifts in response. It involves reaching out and delivering a well-crafted message to the right segments. It involves applying foresight to marketing efforts, analytically approaching the needs of the target audience. What proactive forms of marketing are you engaged in today?

When it comes to proactive marketing strategies, social psychology tells us that the target audience is mostly driven by two motives – the need to be correct, and the need to be liked by others. Most people don’t want to have to work that hard to get what they need out of the organizations with whom they do business. When you reach out to them in a proactive way, you’re telling them that they have value to you, and they remember this. Organizations that stand up and take the initiative are winning over more and more consumers and clients, both in B2B and B2C.

Marketing strategies that are proactive let companies know that their future is important to you. When you are proactive you are able to do something about the problems your clients are experiencing. It’s important to let your target audience know you care, but you also have to have solutions that address their problem, which requires some longer-term strategies and partnering with the right sources, such as telemarketers.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that telemarketing needs to be a part of marketing strategies, as it is among the most proactive methods of marketing available today. Marketers that bypass telemarketing are missing out on a channel that is unrivaled in its proactive nature.

While it’s true that multi-channel marketing is of great value, too many organizations are utilizing the usual, traditional marketing channels and leaving telemarketing out of the mix. For instance, they’re using print advertising and reducing budget concerns by focusing on low-cost marketing efforts, like email marketing. However, these are highly non-proactive and need to be partnered with proactive channels for the best results.

With the right message delivered through the relevant channels, communication is improved and more business relationships are structured. Telemarketing is far from dead. In fact, telemarketing improves every time technology improves. The best telemarketing firms are using the best software and hardware in the industry to reach out to more leads in less time.

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Last Updated on September 14, 2023 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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