Finding the Right Path to Make Your Content Marketing Dollars Matter

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

content marketingThe start of a new year is the right time to sit down and evaluate last year’s marketing strategy. What worked? What didn’t? Why did some efforts succeed and what made others less successful? If you’re feeling that your current content marketing didn’t produce as many leads as you had hoped, it doesn’t mean that it’s time to phase this valuable tool out – 88 percent of B2B organizations utilize content marketing and the majority do so with real success. It’s time to find the right path to making your content marketing dollars work smarter.

The Right Message
Your customers have an ever-increasing ability to sift through business advertising and are more likely to skip over content they feel is more related to you than to them. Your content needs to be industry-specific and useful to business consumers or you’ll never win them as your audience. In 2016 make it your goal to move content marketing away from overt salesmanship and towards industry information that your business consumers feel they need.

Internet search and tracking tools are continually evolving, meaning that consumers can more precisely access the information they seek. But new tools also make it easier for you to track where B2B consumers are headed. Use this information to guide your content so that you have the right message where your customers are already looking.

The Right Voice
Your business customers are interested in what you, the company leader, have to say. In other words, not only do you need the right message, but your message also needs the right voice. Make your content powerful by making it personal from you to potential customers. The more personal content marketing feels, the more powerful it becomes.

The Right Platforms
Social media marketing platforms continue to expand making them a great place for content marketing. Longer tweets and more space for re-tweeted comments invite redoubled efforts on your part. Keep in mind that the right platforms still require the right kind of interaction. Specific and personal interactions are most effective.

Social marketing needs to own a solid portion of your 2016 marketing budget. But when it comes to being truly personal and finding out the specific information your consumers desire, it’s hard to beat telemarketing. No amount of print or digital marketing can replace the power of human interaction. Telemarketing gives your B2B customers and potential customers the person-to-person connection that is glaringly absent in a digitally-driven environment, which is why combining social marketing and telemarketing is such a smart move.

At Blue Valley Telemarketing we specialize in helping B2B companies like yours perform vital marketing operations with the distinct advantage of human interaction. Whether you’re interested in lead generation, market research or some other outreach, talk to us about how we can help to ensure every content marketing dollar counts.

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