Why You Should Include Telemarketing in Your Content Marketing Distribution Plan

Cut through the online clutter and turn to telemarketing to deliver content marketing to the right lead at the right time.

Content Marketing Distribution is Just as Important as High-Quality Content

Marketing specialists know that producing quality content is the cornerstone of a marketing plan. After all, if your content is sloppy, it won’t be shared, spur new conversations or lead to measurable growth. On the other hand, if nobody views your content, it doesn’t matter how good it is. After developing high-quality content, your most important focus is your content marketing distribution.

If your content is well-constructed, addressing important and timely issues in your industry, and you know that the quality is excellent, it may be puzzling to watch it sit untouched, unread and unshared. If your content is failing to create the buzz you intended, it may be time to look more closely at your distribution plan.

For instance, perhaps you’re using just one channel for content marketing distribution, or maybe you’re using the wrong channels. Some marketers make the mistake of posting their content on Facebook, not realizing that their target audience spends a lot more time on LinkedIn.

You could also be missing the preferred method of contact with your potential buyers. There are a lot of ways to miss your target with content marketing distribution.

There are many channels that can be combined to create an effective distribution plan, but you’ll need to do your research to see which is the right mix for your content. Using a mix of traditional and digital channels can be an effective way to make sure you are connecting with your audience.

Telemarketing should be in the mix for every multi-channel content marketing distribution plan. While posting content on social media or through an email newsletter helps you reach broad groups of people, telemarketing introduces a more personal conversation that builds relationships.

It’s important not to put all of your marketing resources into one channel. If, for instance, you decide to focus on Twitter, you might be frustrated to find out that 73 percent of all tweets receive only 10 or fewer interactions. You’ll have more success getting your content to go viral on Instagram. In addition, while many businesses start out posting on Facebook, they quickly discover that B2B content is more at home on LinkedIn.

An important component of marketing is the focus on proactive communication, an element that is missing from much of digital channels. While it may seem proactive to create a compelling video and place it on a social media platform, you are then forced to wait and see whether it gets any attention. Even if your content receives some attention, it may be challenging to move from receiving some likes and shares to developing meaningful conversation with your target audience.

Proactive communication is a benefit of using telemarketing in your distribution plan. Relationships are built and strengthened through the use of one-on-one conversations possible with telemarketing. Marketers appreciate including telemarketing in their distribution plans because it results in high-quality connections and longer-term client relationships that are the foundation of a growth plan.

While telemarketing is a traditional, tried-and-true marketing tool, it is as high-tech as any social media platform. Using the latest hardware and software to effectively and efficiently communicate with a high volume of leads, telemarketers also provide real-time reports and a high level of transparency in the process.

When you’re ready to maximize the potential of your content marketing distribution plan, give Blue Valley Telemarketing a call. We welcome the opportunity to hear about your goals and discuss ways we can help you reach them.

Last Updated on September 14, 2023 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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