Traditional Marketing Matters in B2B Lead Generation

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Successful B2B lead generation requires traditional marketing as part of a comprehensive strategy. When constructing a well-structured business strategy for B2B lead generation, it is inevitable for companies to choose the right mode of communication to engage with their prospects and market their products and services. Technically, there are multiple ways to connect with your target audience online, but there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Some methods are more proven than others, benefiting companies based on their use case, budget, and ease of access to accommodate their business objectives.

Over the years, businesses have cut their operational expenses by incorporating high-budget ad campaigns, email marketing, and TV commercials that resulted in a major cash burn, leaving them confused about their profit margins. However, when it comes to using traditional methods for B2B lead generation, telemarketing has emerged as the top choice in the business landscape. It enables companies to boost sales, enter new markets for business development, and develop ultimate market recognition for their brands.

As a company, you can serve multiple purposes by running telemarketing campaigns, such as starting with client win-back campaigns, engaging customers with up-sale or cross-sale efforts, launching new products and services, and integrating effective lead nurturing programs. These efforts, involving interactions with existing and past clients, can yield higher profit margins due to the much lower cost of acquisitions.

In addition, telemarketing helps establish an effective communication channel for companies aiming to create brand awareness, improve customer churn, and convert long-standing customers from first-contact prospects. Despite the domination of digital marketing, companies should still use a robust combination of modern marketing services and traditional methods, such as telemarketing, to boost their B2B new business development efforts and generate qualified actionable leads.

This way, they can compete using modern algorithms of social media, email marketing, and other customer-interactive platforms, while also adding a human touch to their rapport with telemarketing

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Traditional Marketing Benefits for Modern Businesses

Telemarketing not only helps in achieving milestones for B2B lead generation, but it is also advantageous from an organizational standpoint. Here are a few undeniable benefits of using telemarketing campaigns to connect with prospects and your existing clients.

By employing traditional methods to market your products and services, companies, big or small, can follow a cost-cutting structure to generate B2B leads, understand their prospects better, and boost sales. Eventually, this adds up to their revenue streams.

1. Meeting the Company’s Budget

In direct comparison, telemarketing is far more affordable and budget-friendly than social media and digital advertising. With its conversational, one-on-one dialoguing with prospects, telemarketing allows companies to collect customer information faster than any other marketing method.

When it comes to using the phone to sell your products and services, there are no ad budgets or hidden charges for running sponsored content. Compared with email marketing, where companies spend considerable time evaluating customer buying behavior based on the number of clicks, telemarketing offers a less time-consuming and more focused decision-making process for your prospects. This enables them to be converted into profitable new clients

2. Provide Instant Responses to Your Prospects

Telemarketing is the most ideal way of generating actionable leads for the following reason: you respond to your prospects instantly. Compared with digital marketing platforms, where customers drop comments to register their queries, telemarketing, offers a real-time, seamless, and direct approach to addressing customer needs and problems with a stream of real-time responses. Telemarketing ensures that a flow of uninterrupted, well-structured phone calls serves as a guiding light to customer correspondence when it comes to prompting them with exclusive solutions.

Social media, on the other hand, uses a pre-made template of not keeping customer queries anonymous. It allows everyone to ask half-baked, illegitimate, and unimportant questions that plaster your comment feed and defame your brand page. With telemarketing, it’s a different paradigm to work on as it offers a seamless communication strategy with live calls take create real human-to-human relationships.

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Strategic Ways to Use Telemarketing as a Comprehensive Strategy

The main advantage of using telemarketing for your B2B campaigns is that it performs well as a standalone campaign, but also generates solid results when integrated with other modern marketing method. You can also consider using telemarketing to nurture leads generated by your social media and email campaigns.  Here’s how you can boost the effectiveness of your B2B lead generation campaigns by strategizing your digital marketing services with exclusive telemarketing services.

1. Email Marketing With Proactive Phone Calls

If you’re starting a new B2B lead generation campaign, it is important to keep an eye on the stage of the sales funnel your customers are operating in. It means that for new leads, sending a couple of introductory emails related to your products and services would be a smart move. It is also advised to format your emails with the right mobile size so that more customers can easily access your emails. But how would you make the maximum number of prospects check your email? Especially when the ratio of ignored email is at a record high! We can assume that many recipients from your email marketing campaign are interested in your products and services. At the same time, they don’t wish to check every brand email sent their way. In this case, using telemarketing for B2B lead generation offers a comprehensive and competitive edge in nurturing those leads. By hiring a result-oriented telemarketing agency, you can make calls to your prospects and use your email campaigns as a ground for moving conversations to the extent of selling your products. You can make direct calls to the new leads and remind them of checking their inbox along with mentioning your novel discounts and promotion offers, whe applicable. This will capture their attention with utmost relevance and logic, and the conversation will set out in the right direction speeding up your sales process.

2. Curating Data-Driven Leads With Digital Ads

It is a common practice in digital marketing to run paid ads based on your customer’s buying behavior, demographics, previous purchases, age, and location. Technically, companies can use the same set of information reflecting the targeted ad campaigns to empower their telemarketing campaigns. In other words, making structured calls off a critically curated list of leads allows companies to generate solid B2B leads. By running effective telemarketing campaigns right after scraping information from the database of paid social media ads, we ensure that our agents are calling the right prospects and offering them the correct products and services. They can also have access to insight into their buying behavior. This way, we can combine telemarketing with digital ads to register solid results for our lead-generation campaigns.

3. Fostering New Lead Conversions With Inbound Sales Queries

Although telemarketing campaigns are mostly outbound, generating leads for your company with an integration of inbound sales support is now catching traction.

As a company, we should realize that having inbound support for our products and services is an extension of two things: complaints or queries. If we ignore the first, the latter is a source of gaining new leads and nurturing them to make sales. It is obvious that if a customer is calling to learn more about your products and services, they’ve progressed from the stage of awareness to the phase of consideration.

This is when telemarketing comes into play for companies that project big results with their B2B lead generation. By deploying a trained team of telemarketing agents, you can take queries as an opportunity to introduce your full range of product lines and precisely inform customers about why they should choose your company over its competitors.

Technically, if a customer is calling in with a specific query, the likelihood of converting it into sales is relatively higher. By integrating telemarketing, we can use our inbound sales support to generate high-paying leads with an appropriate explanation.

Final Thoughts

Are you still navigating your B2B lead generation plans? 

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