Telemarketing Services: Leveraging Your Growth With Targeted Campaigns

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In a fiercely competitive business landscape, enhancing sales, broadening customer reach, and establishing global credibility is challenging for most companies. However, with a strategic overhaul of communication strategies and marketing approaches, these objectives can become a lot more attainable.

Companies can grow their business and make headway by integrating highly targeted telemarketing campaigns. Without a second thought, it is one of the most widely used business strategies for new business development. Using integrated outbound calling services, companies can surpass their competitors and achieve desirable sales and marketing results.

Telemarketing is a result-proven marketing strategy for B2B and B2C modules that continuously seeks to embrace a wider customer base, boost sales, and nurture customer relationships with a personal human touch. Similarly, using telemarketing for new business development results in driving solid customer insights so that brands can empower their sales and marketing funnels.

Not sure how to set up outbound calling activities? Unsure if it still works? Consider outsourcing to a professional outbound call center agency. You can instantly expect a result-driven campaign, with the ability to measure real-time return on your investment. You will experience significant savings compared to running it in-house. Best of all, you’ll enjoy effective business downtime, free from the stress of building your telemarketing department.

While using telemarketing as a core marketing strategy, companies can delve deep into acquiring a new customer base from their target audience. They can also hire an expert telemarketing agency to generate mass awareness about new products and services in relevant market segments. Telemarketing is far more effective when it comes to designing targeted campaigns that resonate well with customers’ buying intent.

How else do you benefit from outsourcing your telemarketing campaigns? It’s simple – by leveraging the opportunity to use telemarketing services at affordable prices and yet taking full control of monitoring every campaign with a detail-oriented approach. You can use this lucrative combination of flexibility and authority to create successful telemarketing campaigns for your products. 

Moreover, it is undeniably affordable if you directly compare it with paid media campaigns. It technically reduces your operational costs and adds more warm leads and long-term prospects into your sales pipeline to scale your business.

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4 Result-Proven Tips to Strategically Implement Your Next Telemarketing Campaign!

Running a successful calling campaign requires more than just calling a list of fresh prospects. Companies working in the B2B domain must understand the importance of fulfilling the strategic side of their campaign. If you expect this marketing strategy to generate desired results so that it can justifiably become a part of your permanent marketing plan, treat it as a process not just an event.

Capitalize on these four tips to strategically empower your campaign management and the agents you assign to build a successful campaign, developing a deep understanding of the objectives of your marketing endeavors. Critically, it will help agents recognize their actual role in the campaign.

1) Set your goals

When launching your integrated telemarketing campaign, it’s important to establish specific, achievable objectives. You must define if your company is making direct sales effort, filling up the sales rep’s funnel with new actionable leads, or perhaps executing upsells/cross-sells or customer win-back campaigns. It is crucial to determine the desired outcomes of each telemarketing campaign in advance to prevent uncertainties and ensure success.

2) Finalize your action plan

Once you’ve enlisted your objectives, you must draft your action plan by laying out a step-by-step process for your campaign. The action plan will determine how you will structure your calls, use your rebuttals, and strategize your follow-up messages during customer interactions. 

It should include everything from start to finish so that agents can have a perfect grasp of what they should be doing once they go live.

3) Do thorough market research

Although telemarketing campaigns are intrinsically more targeted than social media campaigns, companies still can’t overlook the importance of performing thorough market research to maximize the outputs of every campaign.

Right after laying out the action plan, a telemarketing agency should work to define and identify your best client profile and the best way to reach them (by phone, email, social, etc.). They should use all available segmentation tools and match your messaging with each subset of potential buyers (i.e., demographics, revenue, size, location, and even intent-based signals)

4) Hire a proficient agency

By hiring a professional telemarketing agency, your company will experience a real difference in campaign results.

Hire a team of expert telemarketers who understand the nature of the products, their use case, and the brand tone with which they should communicate with your new and old customers.

They should also possess strong interpersonal skills and subject matter expertise to tackle complex calls converting them into qualified actionable leads.

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To Attain the Greatest Benefits, Consider Outsource Your Telemarketing Campaigns 

Despite the number of challenges presented by outbound telemarketing, many companies wonder how they can build and support a successful in-house telemarketing department. For the best results, the answer is to outsource your telemarketing campaign needs.

Hire An Experienced Team

Professional telemarketing firms rely on quality staff with a great amount of training to communicate effectively. Quality communication skills are often the difference between a firm that fails and one that succeeds. If you decide to outsource telemarketing, you should only consider firms that have experience in your industry with a track record that proves they can offer results.

Cost Reduction for Your Business

Telemarketing contracts with an agency come with a sticker price that may lead some companies to believe they can set it up in-house for less. However, when considering the complete costs of running an in-house call center, you may conclude that outsourcing will save you money. Hiring and rehiring, ongoing management, and substantial capital expenses associated with the hardware and software that form the basis of your operation are just the beginning.

Training costs also mount up, especially if you have a high turnover rate. There will be costs related to IT as more machinery and software means more troubleshooting. When you outsource your telemarketing, you leave all the software updates, hardware upgrades, IT costs and labor up to your telemarketer, and you never have to worry about scaling up or scaling down your operation.

Leverage Higher Returns

When you hand off all the expenses related to running a highly efficient telemarketing operation to professionals, you are going to save money, which means your campaign will more than likely see a better return on investment (ROI). Furthermore, with an experienced team of telemarketers effectively communicating with leads, you can increase sales conversion.

Should You Outsource Telemarketing as A Strategic Part of Your Marketing? 

Today your marketing dollars can be spent in more ways than ever before. With the pull of those dollars in many different directions, you may have considered running your telemarketing campaign in-house. But the truth is, there are solid reasons why you should outsource telemarketing services for your company.

Telemarketing is Preferable to Clients

Research shows that digital marketing is considered less acceptable to business managers than telemarketing. B2B telemarketing calls received at work are an expected form of doing business for most decision-makers. In addition, telemarketing provides crucial human interaction. Research shows that human interaction is far more effective in making the client feel valued and oriented toward building relationships.

Generate More Leads Than Social Media

Social media is getting a lot of attention lately. However, in terms of delivering more and better leads, telemarketing can’t be beaten. Not only do your clients prefer to be contacted in person, but the leads you’ll generate will be of a better quality than those gleaned through social outreach.

– Outsourcing Your Telemarketing Services:

When you outsource telemarketing services, you enjoy all the lead-generating benefits without shouldering the burdensome responsibilities, such as training staff, maintaining equipment, or staying abreast of industry standards like keeping up with current Do Not Call requirements.

It typically takes 80 calls to get a solid business lead and longer campaigns which allow for calling back missed numbers and left messages are the most effective. Pay only for the service and not for equipment or staff costs. You never have to worry about someone not showing up to work. It is not up to you to keep callers motivated.

Final Thought

Telemarketing as a part of your marketing strategy still produces the highest quality leads. 

It is a preferred method of contact for the majority of business managers. The decision to outsource telemarketing means the best results with the fewest challenges and lowest costs for you.

At Blue Valley Marketing, we’ve been partnering with businesses for over 30 years. We know what works. We know what it will take to provide you with the quality leads you are looking for. Contact us and find out how we can save you money while delivering better results.

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