Telemarketing Maintains its Edge in Strategic Marketing

Organizations Planning to Make Telemarketing a Bigger Component in their Strategic Marketing Campaigns

strategic marketingRecent surveys show that telemarketing is one of the most productive channels for lead generation, and organizations are going to spend more of their strategic marketing budget on telemarketing over the next year.

Lead Forensics found in a recent survey that 70 percent of B2B buyers said that respondents are more impacted by the method through which a seller contacts them than by what they’re selling. It’s due to the conversational nature of telemarketing that it is the top channel for around 30 percent of marketers in their lead generation campaigns.

Telemarketing allows you to become personal. Strategic marketing professionals know that when they use telemarketing, they can lead the conversation and gain insights into a prospect, which is something that can’t be done with less proactive channels. Telemarketing allows you to understand what challenges your prospects are facing because all you have to do is ask. Maybe it’s something about your product that they aren’t completely sold on – this is something you can take back to your development team and have them fix.

When you embark on a telemarketing campaign, you’re in a better position to turn a “no” into a “maybe.” Telemarketers are expert nurturers, and we know that nurtured leads come back with bigger purchases. One way to nurture leads is to offer them case studies and/or video testimonials that speak to a deeper level on what you’re offering them.

Strategic marketing plans that utilize telemarketing as one of their channels among many are going to see better results than a campaign using only one channel. For instance, inviting prospects to a webinar, a Google Hangout, or an in-person visit can lead to more successful transactions.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to organize their own call centers in an effort to maintain total control over the campaign. Unfortunately, this is not a cost-effective method and can actually lead to poor customer service. Professional telemarketing firms can offer trained individuals who know how to communicate and scalability to handle any type of campaign, big or small.

Professional telemarketers know whom your prospects are and how to reach out to them. You don’t lose control when you go with a third party because they have call recording and call monitoring technology that gives you total insight into your campaign. You’ll also get reports the way you want them, when you want them.

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Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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