Successful B2B Lead Generation Requires Traditional Marketing as a Part of a Comprehensive Strategy

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A decade ago, B2B marketers saw many possibilities abounding in digital marketing potential. Many believed that social media, email newsletters and other digital methods would lead to a purely digital strategy for lead generation. It turns out, though, that B2B lead generation never went completely digital, and likely never will.

The best approach, as discussed in a recent Business 2 Community article is a combination of digital and traditional marketing. Social media and other digital methods partner perfectly with traditional marketing channels like telemarketing and live events.

Now that the numbers are rolling in, demonstrating the effectiveness of digital methods when compared to traditional channels, it’s turning out that telemarketing remains a reliable tool for B2B lead generation. Here are a few reasons why it’s still valuable to call:

It’s cost-effective. Telemarketing is significantly less expensive than hiring field reps, and enables you to save your traveling team for when an in-person meeting is necessary to close a deal. Telemarketing also gathers information at a far faster pace than waiting for comments to accumulate on social media or analyzing the behaviors of someone that clicked on your email newsletter.

You can offer instant responses. Telemarketing enables you to answer questions immediately. By contrast, when you’re using digital marketing methods, you may receive the question in a comment entry without any context for the question. Rather than flowing through a natural conversation, you’ll be forced to answer a question you’re not sure you understand, and the conversation is posted in public for all to see.

You’ll know who’s ready for a close in your pipeline. You likely haven’t had a sales rep that loved filling out whatever sales reporting tool your company is using. When you incorporate telemarketing into your B2B lead generation strategy, though, you’ll have clear reports on the status for each of your potential buyers.

It’s easy to scale up and scale down. While it may be harder to hire someone to handle your digital marketing on an hourly basis, it’s always easy to adapt telemarketing to your exact needs. You can run telemarketing campaigns as needed to augment your other marketing activities.

Still working through your B2B lead generation plans? Talk with us at Blue Valley Marketing. We can help you create a balanced strategy that incorporates the best elements of digital and traditional methods for your specific company and industry. Give us a call today.

Last Updated on September 14, 2023 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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