Outsource Telemarketing as a Strategic Part of Your Marketing

When You Outsource Telemarketing You Lower Costs and Win Customers

Today your marketing dollars can be spent in more ways than ever before. With the pull of thoseoutsource telemarketing dollars in many different directions, you may have considered running your telemarketing campaign in-house. But, the truth is, there are solid reasons why you should outsource telemarketing services for your company:

Telemarketing is Preferable to Clients

Research shows that digital marketing is considered less acceptable to business managers than telemarketing. B2B telemarketing calls received at work are an expected form of doing business for most decision makers. In addition, telemarketing provides crucial human interaction. Research shows that human interaction is far more effective in making the client feel valued and towards building relationship.

Telemarketing is Effective

Social media is getting a lot of attention lately. However, in terms of delivering more and better leads, telemarketing can’t be beat. Not only do your clients prefer to be contacted in person, the leads you’ll generate will be better quality than those gleaned through social outreach.

In-House or Outsource?

The question then, is whether you should conduct telemarketing campaigns in-house or outsource them to someone else. Let’s consider the downside of in-house telemarketing.

1. It will require a significant monetary investment in order to set up and train the staff. This is especially costly for a one-time or occasional campaign.

2. It involves extra work in terms of keeping up with industry best practices and maintaining equipment.

3. It has the potential to create tensions between your sales team and marketing team.

For most businesses, it makes more sense to outsource telemarketing. When you outsource telemarketing services you reap all of the lead generating benefits yet should none of the burdensome responsibilities such as training staff, maintaining equipment or staying abreast of industry standards such as keeping up with current Do Not Call lists.

Instead, you pay only for the service and not for equipment or staff costs. You never have to worry about someone not showing up to work. It’s not up to you to keep callers motivated. It typically takes 80 calls to get a solid business lead and longer campaigns which allow for calling back missed numbers and left messages have been shown to be the most effective.

Telemarketing as a part of your marketing strategy still produces the highest quality leads. It’s a preferred method of contact for a majority of business managers. The decision to outsource telemarketing means the best results with the fewest problems for you.

At Blue Valley Telemarketing we’ve been partnering with businesses for years. We know what works. We know what it will take to provide you with the quality leads you are looking to find. Contact us and find out how we can save you money while delivering better results.

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