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Through personal conversation, Blue Valley Marketing agents can determine the content marketing that best helps each lead.

Get an Excellent ROI With Telemarketing

The best B2B marketing strategies utilize a proactive component. Is social media proactive? Some might say that when a post generated by a marketer sparks discussion among followers, that falls under the definition of a proactive experience. However, social media channels are still passive and are not as proactive as standalone marketing tools. B2B telemarketing companies can work with clients to provide a more proactive environment through telemarketing in conjunction with your social campaigns for your marketing in Chicago.

Being proactive is important because marketing is all about creating relationships. Most sales efforts focus on personal contact, and that’s exactly what telemarketing can help to establish. As effective as social media marketing might be, telemarketing is able to fill any gaps while also being effective in any part of the campaign, from making initial contact with a lead to closing the deal.

When you consider your marketing efforts in relation to a typical sales pipeline, telemarketing can function at every relevant point along the way. For example, if you want B2B telemarketing companies to discover how qualified your leads in Chicago are and create lists that pinpoint the decision-makers, the buyers, at each company, this is something they are built to do. This goes a long way in ensuring that sales personnel aren’t spending valuable time on leads that aren’t ready to enter the buy cycle.

Telemarketers are also able to take on market research projects that reveal what potential buyers are interested in now and where their interests might lie in the future. Telemarketers can take incoming calls, schedule appointments, do follow-up calls and clear out the dated contacts that clog an otherwise healthy call list.

When you work with a professional telemarketing company, you’re connecting with a resource that can scale to your needs. This is often a hardship for in-house telemarketing efforts, which require hardware and software, human capital, and space that is often limited to begin with. When you go with a third party, you leave all the training and updating up to the telemarketing professionals. Should you need to scale your campaign up or down, the telemarketing company can adjust as needed.

Telemarketing is about getting a 360-degree view of your industry and where it is going. It’s a valuable tool for focusing on what your target audience likes or doesn’t like about what you’re offering, which can shape how you prepare for future product development. By using telemarketing, you’re able to become more aware of your brand through objective interaction that falls under interpersonal communication efforts.

B2B telemarketing companies can focus on providing an interpersonal experience between your brand and your clients or potential clients in Chicago. This is something Blue Valley Telemarketing excels in doing. Our telemarketing teams are among the best trained in the industry, and we can speak to your clients at a professional and informed level. Contact us today and let’s discuss your next campaign.

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