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Selling the Experience

No matter what you’re selling, your customers can always get it somewhere else. That’s why the exceptional customer experience must always be at the top of your priority list. In order to build loyalty and even create relationships where customers become your advocates, you need to offer a level of excellence that your competitors can’t match.

The customer experience is more important than ever, and whether you operate a traditional store or are focusing on a future in online retail, loyal and repeat customers are critical to success. You need immediate, consistent and pleasant customer service to allow your brand to stand out in your market.

Surpassing Service Expectations

When you utilize Blue Valley Marketing, our agents act as an extension of your brand with custom scripting and fast, thorough, first-call resolutions of customer requests. From processing returns to billing inquiries and even cross- and upselling, our agents help you expand your sales and increase customer satisfaction with a superior experience.

Our entirely U.S.-based agents offer the same services as if the call were being handled by your in-house team. As a multichannel inbound contact center, we respond to customer inquiries in their preferred format: voice calls, messaging, text and email.

The Full Range of Services

From answering billing inquiries to order taking, return processing and handling frequently-asked questions about your products, we offer the fast, friendly service your customers expect from your company. We can also conduct surveys to help you understand how your customers experience your services, what they would like to see next in your product line and how likely they are to recommend your brand to a friend.

Whether you are a small retail boutique or a large retailer with a big catalog, we customize a program to represent your company with professionalism. Our agents are trained to act as an extension of your company, offering service that keeps your customers returning again and again.

We have pricing to fit any size of retail business and represent your brand with a customized script. Contact us to learn more about how Blue Valley Marketing supports your business growth with inbound contact center services.