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Combining Precision and Service

In the finance industry, precision and accuracy are of the utmost importance. You can’t allow anything to be handled imperfectly or let details slip through the cracks.

Blue Valley Marketing agents are trained to handle the intricacies of your business and industry. With unparalleled accuracy and training in compliance issues, your calls will be conducted with exacting, meticulous care.

Trained in Compliance and Accuracy

The push for access to fast and accurate information is a given to meet the needs of your clients. When your organization begins struggling to meet the requests of your clients and customers, you need a partner that can provide customer support solutions.

That means not only delivering the right information to the right person, but also protecting your brand and reputation through an exacting adherence to data privacy compliance regulations. Our specially-trained agents will protect your clients’ data, as well as your business continuity.

Customized Programs to Meet Your Clients’ Needs

Whether you specialize in tax preparation, investment advising, finance or real estate investing, your clients have specific needs. Our entirely U.S.-based agents are trained to handle the requests of your clients using customized scripts and a commitment to seamlessly work as an extension of your company.

From resolving questions about an invoice to capturing a lead opportunity, our agents equip your organization to reduce costs while maximizing revenue. In addition, as a multichannel inbound contact center, your clients are able to contact you in a variety of formats, including voice call, text and email, with all compliance regulations surrounding these communication formats intact.

To learn more about the opportunities you have to expand and improve services to your clients while streamlining contact center operations, contact us at Blue Valley Telemarketing.