Why Use Telemarketing to Generate Leads?

Lead generation takes a strategic, personal approach to produce quality data for sales teams.

You Can Establish a Relationship With Your Buyers With Telemarketing

If you’re trying to reach out to a new audience to make sales, there are few things more important than gaining new leads. While B2C efforts can rely on a certain percentage of uninformed impulse buys, few, if any, B2B buyers are going to make such a move – it could cost them their job. That’s why they are intentional about staying as informed as possible and make purchases only after being assured the product is the right one for their company. Why use telemarketing to generate leads? The answer is because it’s effective and one of the best ways to establish relationships with buyers.

Using telemarketing in a multi-channel lead generation strategy is a smart move. For example, let’s say you’ve produced an excellent webinar, but you haven’t gotten a lot of interest in it yet. You can use telemarketing to get the word out about the webinar and boost participation. Webinars are great at providing the information in the form of words and visuals. They can even be interactive. Many marketers will record them and make them available to interested prospects at a time that is more convenient to the client. Telemarketers can also get the word out about these recorded webinars.

If you’re planning a big event and you want to promote it, you’re probably going to send out a group of emails in the months and weeks leading up to it, but we all know that emails are often deleted without being opened. A better way to promote your event is to use telemarketing. You already have a database full of connections – utilize that information to make calls and drum up some interest in your event.

If you’re wondering, why use telemarketing to generate leads, you’ve probably not thought about the active and personable way that telemarketers connect with prospective leads. Not every buyer is going to be ready to jump into the sales pipeline, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t of value. Telemarketers are listeners and they know the industry in which you operate. They not only drum up interest in webinars and events, they nurture relationships. When the buyer is ready, you’ll have all the information you need from them, and them from you, to get into the sales pipeline when the time is right.

An interesting note about nurturing leads – it takes time and that’s not something your sales team wants to hear. But what they do want to hear is that nurtured leads, when they do spend money, they spend more than the lead that makes a quick purchase. Nurtured leads have been in connection with telemarketers for weeks or months and they know when the time is right to proceed.

At Blue Valley Telemarketing, we know how to answer the question – why use telemarketing to generate leads? We know that every B2B telemarketing campaign is different, and we’re ready to customize a campaign for you. Contact us today and let’s talk about your needs.

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