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Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Lead generation is a primary and vital focus for most companies’ success.  Unintentionally at times, many spend a lot of money producing and later chasing low quality, unqualified leads. Since funneling high-quality leads to the sales team is so critical to success, why do so many companies still waste resources producing low-quality leads? How can you change your tactics so your leads are quality leads?

An article on Hubspot details many of the wrong turns that marketers take when working on lead generation. The article offers some good advice for remedying the common lead generation missteps, but they miss mentioning one of the best tools for generating, qualifying and nurturing leads that convert to sales – namely telemarketing.

Telemarketing integrated with other digital marketing efforts is one of the most reliable, cost-effective ways to produce qualified leads for your sales team. Here are some of the common mistakes you might be making in your efforts to produce leads:

In your desperation, you begin buying email lists. When you purchase email data for lead generation, you’re relying on someone else’s estimation of what kind of leads you’re looking for. You’re also running the risk of polluting your email deliverability and IP address reputation. If you’re delivering to potential leads that have never heard of your company, you’re likely to get marked as spam. In short, there is no quality email list you can buy. High quality leads are obtained organically, through conversations and relationships with your target audience.

Instead, you need to make sure that your email lists are composed of potential customers that chose to opt in to receive your content. You can gain email addresses through offering a valuable exchange, like a white paper, case study or admittance to a high-quality webinar.

Your content is one-size-fits-all: In other words, you’re creating content that doesn’t address the nuanced buying process. If every call to action says something like, “view demo” or “call us for an appointment,” then you’re missing your audience that may be at an earlier stage of the process. You can build credibility by creating content that is informative and demonstrates your depth of understanding of the challenges your audience faces, but you should also indicate that you understand the purchasing decision process. Instead of asking your audience to buy or demo, invite them to read a blog or white paper on a related topic or view an infographic on the same topic.

You’re not using blogs to create leads: Many marketers write an informative, high quality blog and then miss the opportunity to convert their readers into leads. Don’t forget to make a call to action a foundational piece of your blog writing. Invite your readers to visit you on social media, take a virtual tour of your location, or attend a free webinar. If all you’re doing is providing informational reading for your target audience, you’re not capturing the potential of your blogs for sales growth.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to maximize your blogs’ effectiveness. You can link previous blogs to your current one when you’re mentioning that topic. Use a previous blog in a call to action, inviting your audience to read another entry.

You’re treating all web pages the same: Certain pages of your website are going to get more traffic than others. Your homepage, “contact us” page and certain landing pages are where your target audience is likely to visit. You should be creating calls to action right on those pages, so that if a potential buyer visits there, they are invited to take a next step. That could include reading a white paper, viewing a demo or viewing a video with customer testimonials.

Social media isn’t getting enough attention: Social media isn’t the answer to everything in today’s marketing landscape, but if you’re not getting a lot of leads, you may be underutilizing it.

Don’t simply post content and hope it gets attention. Ask a question to get a conversation going in the comments, post a free offer or access to valuable information. If something has worked well in the past, pair it with new content and use it again. Many marketers waste opportunities with social media because they aren’t proactive enough and too quickly assume that their target audience “just doesn’t hang out on social media.”

You’re not using telemarketing: One of the best tools for lead generation, telemarketing is a reliable way to build your list of qualified leads. A simple telemarketing conversation gives you access to a wealth of information:

  • What are challenges and needs for the business?
  • Is there a project or a plan to address these issues?
  • Who are the parties (decision makers and influencers) involved in the decision making process?
  • How can they best be reached?
  • What is the time line, where are they in the buy cycle?
  • Are there any challenges or hesitations involved in their decision?
  • What information do they need to make a decision?
  • Is there a budget in place?
  • What is the best next step?

There is no substitute for the valuable information and benefits you reap from one on one communication. Highly qualified leads come from a conversation where a relationship between the potential buyer and your company is developed.

Telemarketing is the perfect partner to digital marketing for lead generation: Much of what’s involved with digital marketing requires a passive mode. You create high-quality content, post it on social media or send it in an email or newsletter, and then you wait. You wait to see whether your subject line included the right language to encourage click-throughs, or if your infographic had the right images to gather momentum on social media. With analytics and refining, you can build digital marketing for effective lead generation, but some of it is a waiting game.

Not so with telemarketing. Digital marketing is a great asset to any growth strategy, but you can maximize the effectiveness of your efforts by pairing your digital marketing with telemarketing. With telemarketing, you get immediate information about whether you’re sending content to the decision-maker, as well as whether your contact enjoys receiving white papers or blogs, and whether they like to access them on social media or receive them in an email. The amount of information you can gain in one telephone conversation can augment and improve any data you receive in analytics. Telemarketing is unparalleled for effective lead generation.

Lead generation is critical to your growth, and Blue Valley Telemarketing can help you create a strategy that combines the best of digital marketing with the reliable lead generation that comes with telemarketing. Let’s have a conversation about how telemarketing can boost your lead generation.


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