Using Interactive Content With Telemarketing for Effective B2B Lead Generation

Incorporating interactive content into your marketing strategy makes your audience feel heard and understood.

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Interactive content gives you the opportunity to layer your blogs, white papers and videos with a chance to listen to your customer. You can find out their preferences and the topics they’d like to learn more about. Using this valuable information improves your chances of developing a successful B2B lead generation strategy.

Interactive content can be augmented with the personal touch of telemarketing for better results. Individuals that engage in interactive content may be more amenable to a one-on-one conversation, demonstrated in their participation in an exercise that solicited their knowledge or opinion.

Take a look at several ideas for interactive content that could be included in your B2B lead generation efforts:

Surveys: With so much chatter on social media and other online locations, people value the chance to be heard. You won’t want to devise a 40-question, comprehensive exam. Instead, ask your contacts to complete a four- to five-question survey that asks them about the issues they’re currently facing in their day-to-day jobs or trends that they’ve heard about but would like to discuss more.

Telemarketing is a great way to conduct a survey and/or follow up on these surveys. You can clarify information in a survey that provided an incomplete or confusing answer, or you can learn more about an issue that was mentioned by a participant.

Interactive white papers and infographics: Put a twist in your content creation by adding in some of the above elements into your white papers and infographics. Instead of simply presenting the information, consider integrating a few quiz questions that change the composition of the content based on the participant?s answers.

An infographic could include dynamic text that presents more in-depth information when you roll through, and white papers can offer embedded quizzes and calculators that drive home the need for your product or service.

Telemarketing always makes a good partner for white papers and infographics, as well as other types of content formats. When you’ve published a relevant white paper that will serve a segment of your target audience well, give them a call to alert them to the paper. You can also follow up with contacts that have received your new content through an email to see if it added value or answered any questions for them.

Quizzes: A quiz is a great way to reach out to your target audience in a light, fun way, inviting them to share their knowledge or see how much they know about your industry. Use quizzes to balance out more in-depth pieces, or as a way to link to a blog or white paper that more fully explains the details of a particular answer.

Quizzes are a great choice because they work well for audience members at the top of the funnel that may not jump in to read a full white paper, but will take three minutes for a fun quiz. They also allow you to demonstrate your expertise in your industry but in a fun setting.

Telemarketing adds a way to reach out to your contacts that participated in the quiz, giving you a chance to follow up on the types of questions you used and whether they found the explanations of the answers insightful. This conversation also provides a way to direct potential buyers to additional content or answer questions about your product or service.

Assessments: This is similar to a quiz, but tests an individual’s skills or knowledge in a particular area. An assessment can be useful for small segments of your target audience as a way to learn more about their situation and market.

This is another area where telemarketing offers a unique balance to the assessment. Based on a participant’s responses, you can provide additional content, insight and answer questions. It certainly serves to demonstrate your knowledge, so take time to follow up with individuals that complete your assessment.

Calculators: These are a great tool because no matter what industry your customer is in, they’re under pressure to demonstrate that they’re achieving a positive return on an investment. Design one that’s particular to your market and include additional insight about how they can improve the return on their investment.

In addition to calculating return on investment, they can also calculate the cost of their downtime or the cost of duplicating processes. It’s important to know which metrics are most impacting your potential buyers so you can offer the most relevant calculator.

When you pair telemarketing with a high-quality calculator, you can easily walk your potential buyers through the kinds of financial benefits they can expect with your product. You can also alert them to additional content that discusses calculating a return on investment, and talk with them about the other metrics that most often affect their bottom line.

Contests: Contests are no longer just for cereals and snack foods. B2B lead generation gets a boost when you introduce a clever contest opportunity to your target audience. Try inviting them to produce content about your brand: a tagline or jingle can be funny, or you can ask them for a short video.

Don’t think that your industry is appropriate for this kind of fun? Don’t count it out. In the age of personalization of marketing, you need opportunities to humanize your brand and a contest is a great way to do it. You’ll find out what your target audience thinks your brand is about and how they conceptualize your service or product in their content.

Telemarketing provides a great way to connect with your target audience and invite them to participate in the contest. Talk up the prizes, the opportunity to create a video that will appear on social media and your website and the fun they’ll have doing it.

Interactive content is a great way to put some excitement into your B2B lead generation strategy. Use it in conjunction with telemarketing, and you can follow up to find out how each of your interactive content formats fared with your target audience. To learn more about creating a dynamic marketing plan for your company, talk with us at Blue Valley Marketing.

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