Top Marketing Initiatives Include Customer Engagement

Telemarketing is the Most Proactive Marketing Channel

marketingCustomer engagement leads to more sales and telemarketing is better than any other marketing channel in providing the most proactive, engaging experience. This is especially true in the B2B world where executives welcome telemarketing calls at work to help them achieve their marketing objectives.

Why is telemarketing so effective? It’s the live conversation, the give and take between one human and another that proves invaluable in cultivating better B2B relationships that can build a solid business foundation. Companies are now using telemarketing for lead generation, sales and event support among other things.

Many companies will use a multi-platform marketing initiative that involves email, direct mail and social media. But telemarketing, year after year, provides one of the best returns on investment to be found in marketing. While the multi-platform approach makes total sense, making telemarketing a strong part of that strategy is important.

Aside from the human touch that only telemarketing can deliver, it is also valuable in getting real-time information that can assist companies in knowing how to cater to their target audience. For instance, the conversation can reveal exactly what the customer is experiencing in the market – things that perhaps your company should be doing to gain more traction with prospects.

Some companies eager to get involved with telemarketing will try to establish their own in-house team. Their call centers, however, are generally equipped with hardware and software that pales in comparison to what a telemarketing firm will have available. Furthermore, the scalability aspect is hampered with in-house teams due to the square footage or due to staffing limitations.

While an internal team might include industry experts, they aren’t always the best equipped to deal directly with customers. Professional telemarketers not only have the call equipment to automatically connect them to the right people, they have the training to listen and communicate effectively. Also, telemarketing firms will specialize in industries that make them more qualified to handle some types of campaigns as opposed to others. For instance, publishers would want to partner with a firm that has an extensive background in dealing with the publishing industry.

If you’re in the market for a telemarketing firm, look for one that has a quality staff and an environment that is focused on the latest technology aimed at call centers. They should also be on hand to help you plan and execute your telemarketing campaign from qualifying call lists to building an effective script. Look for their ability to integrate with your CRM; this will make the call list migration seamless.

Finally, make sure the firm you choose has all the visibility you need to make sure your campaign is firing on all cylinders. For instance, they should have call reporting, call monitoring and call listening technology in place.

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Last Updated on November 20, 2023 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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