The Value of Telemarketing as a Part of Your Content Marketing Distribution

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Focus on Content Marketing Distribution as Much as Your Content

content marketing distributionContent is king. If you’re a marketer, you already know this. It seems that everyone has jumped on this trend, and for good reason – well-devised content coupled with robust content marketing distribution provides excellent results. What are you doing to improve your distribution today?

If you’re a marketer who has worked long and hard on developing excellent content only to find that it is failing to make the desired impact on your lead generation, it’s time to look closer at how you’re approaching the distribution of that content. Are you limiting yourself to just one channel for distribution? Have you identified the preferred method of contact from your prospective customers? There are a number of areas to look at, so be sure to do your research.

Web, social media, email, direct mail – there are a number of channels from which to choose when considering your content marketing distribution. However, telemarketing should be part of every multi-channel marketing effort. A majority of marketers are utilizing more than one channel to touch clients today. Each channel deserves an individual touch if your content marketing distribution is going to be a success.

Marketers are learning not to put all their focus in one area. For instance, if you’re set on taking to Twitter to get your message out, you’d be dismayed to learn that 73 percent of tweets get 10 or fewer interactions. Instagram actually has a higher potential of going viral, according to a report from Nielsen. Facebook is an obvious place to look for content marketing distribution, but depending on your target audience, LinkedIn might be a more appropriate platform if the content is more business oriented.

As a marketer, you know the way to make a connection is to be proactive and communicative. Most channels don’t offer these qualities. For instance, email campaigns are effective in delivering a large amount of content very quickly and at little cost to the marketer. However, emails are extremely easy to ignore. Furthermore, most email campaigns don’t allow for any back and forth. They don’t give the marketer an opportunity to engage in meaningful exchanges where information is shared and knowledge is gained.

For content marketing distribution techniques to work, it is important to include telemarketing in the mix. It’s through telemarketing where relationships are built and/or strengthened. Marketers embrace telemarketing services, especially for content marketing distribution, because connections made through telemarketing result in longer-term, higher valued clients that improve the organization’s bottom line.

The best telemarketing agencies are using the latest hardware and software to effectively and efficiently connect with a high volume of quality leads. They are giving their marketing clients real time reports and the ability to listen in to the campaign. The best firms offer complete transparency into the process.

Blue Valley Telemarketing is ready to take on your next content marketing project. Contact us today and we’ll discuss your goals and help you reach them.

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