Telemarketing Should be Part of Your Overall Marketing Strategy

How Phone Marketing Efforts Complement Your Social Outreach

marketingThere’s no question that more people are working, learning, socializing and shopping online. Social media platforms are great places for businesses to share content. Since social sites reach 80 percent of web users, it can seem like the best place to invest the bulk of your marketing dollars. But the largest reach is not the same thing as the best ROI. Putting money in a social marketing campaign works best when you combine it with the human component of relationship building.

Mass outreach eventually needs to become individual outreach. Even when your business has a national audience, relationships remain an integral part of modern business. Social works well at distributing content and building brand recognition, but it can’t give you the same kind of feedback and personal interaction that other marketing channels provide. Telemarketing, in particular, provides you with the most cost-effective means of bridging your mass outreach with the one-on-one sales connection. Telemarketing can smoothly transition you from lead gathering to prospect development.

Quality telemarketing means professional calling. There are sometimes concerns that the positive branding accomplished online could be undone through ineffective or uninformed telemarketing campaigns. Such worries are largely unfounded. It’s true that if you work with the most inexpensive resource available, you’re likely to get a weak support team. However, when you partner with a quality telemarketing firm, you retain control over the information flow as well as the skill level of the outreach agents. Your telemarketing team isn’t an uninformed blanket call center, but a staff of business-savvy individuals trained in how to conduct professional phone conversations that yield valuable data.

Benefits of the human touch. Have you identified your target audience? Do you know best how to connect with your intended audience? Your social outreach can’t really give you those answers. But phone professionals can use what you do learn online to make initial contacts that provide greater insight. This is the benefit of human touch. And with telemarketing you get near-instant feedback. It also allows you to become proactive in reaching out rather than passively waiting for your audience to reach out to you. With phone marketing you can begin to refine your database so that you know precisely whom to contact, in what manner and with what key information.

At Blue Valley Telemarketing we have a history of working with nationwide businesses. We provide jobs to American workers and can therefore offer an exceptional call staff ready to represent your brand with the utmost skill and professionalism. We can get vital content into the hands of true decision-makers and can help you build the most accurate database – all through that still-necessary human touch. We believe that telemarketing works well in tandem with your other marketing channels to provide you with the most up-to-date information and the surest leads. Contact us soon to find out how we can help you refine your target, bridge the gap and generate leads.

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