Telemarketing Can Deliver Big on Marketing Research Goals

The key aspect behind every successful marketer is data. Data reveals customer characteristics that assist you in tailoring how you communicate the value of your products and services to them. Marketing research relies on the data analytics that drive better dividends.

When it comes to employing telemarketing services, the first thing that comes to mind isTelemarketing 2 probably a sales heavy experience. While this is true in many cases, it isn’t always the main focus of marketers. Telemarketing is a valuable resource to have for researching the wants and needs of customers, which gives a more thorough understanding of the playing field/marketplace.

Telemarketers engage customers and potential customers in a conversation that leads to marketing research data that can be used to determine the overall preference of various segments. When talking to customers and potential customers, telemarketers focus on what features they want to see, what’s stopping them from jumping on board with current products, why they shop at different vendors and what their preferred price point is for various products.

After telemarketers have gathered this data, there is a fuller set of variables from which conclusions can be drawn. You can now take your marketing research and determine preferences between gender, age group, geographical location and any other demographical preference.

Most telemarketers know that their attempts should occur in various points of the business cycle. Surveys should be done during startup, just before launching a new line or service and when sales seem to stall out. This offers a better view of customer expectations and provides answers for questions about what the product is lacking or if there is a problem with the price point.

Marketing research is also aided by customer satisfaction surveys, which focuses on current and past customers. Rather than ask potential customers what they want, customer satisfaction surveys ask what they actually liked and/or disliked about a product or service.

These too can be carried out most effectively through telemarketing efforts. Without this type of survey, customer retention can be negatively affected. Not only are you getting an extremely clear view of where you fell short and need to improve, you’re proving to your customers that you care about how they are being serviced and are striving to be even more attentive to their needs.

Most businesses don’t have the expertise, time or money to carry out a telemarketing campaign for marketing research and customer service satisfaction surveys. In-house attempts often come up short and can provide data that might lead the company in the wrong direction. Hiring a professional telemarketer to take over these projects offers an excellent return on investment.

Blue Valley Telemarketing understands the importance of marketing research and customer satisfaction. The agency has many years of experience developing marketing research and customer satisfaction campaigns that improve many aspects of their client’s business. As a full-service campaign provider, Blue Valley is equipped with the latest technology and professionally trained staff members who deliver on your every marketing need.

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