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Target Audience 1Developing new business is often a costly task. Most business professionals know this, which is why they try so hard to keep their current customers coming back. However, for organizations focused on new prospects, one of the most effective mediums in reaching out to them is telemarketing.

Sales leads don’t come easy, mostly because organizations are unsure how to get in touch with them. This includes knowing exactly who the demographic is and where they are most easily reached. Organizations will put resources into social media marketing, email campaigns and direct mail. However, these are all passive attempts at developing new sales leads. One of the most proactive means of making contact is through telemarketing.

Telemarketers are experts at helping their clients identify exactly what a qualified sales lead is, then they develop a strategy whereby these leads are contacted, impacted and turned into customers. Obviously, not every contact is going to turn into a sale, but a portion of these contacts can be nurtured to future sales. For those contacts that never turn into customers, telemarketers can extract information from them that still offers value to the organization, such as details about why they didn’t make a purchase.

Perhaps that largest single component of success that telemarketing has over other types of lead generation techniques is the ability to make a personal connection, which is invaluable in making that first impression. The personal connection opens the door to making offers on multiple products and helps to establish a dialogue that enriches the database with useful information that can be used by any department in the organization.

The quality of a sales lead is determined through telemarketing better than just about any other marketing channel. Telemarketers can quickly identify a quality sales opportunity and push them to the sales department. The right telemarketing firm will have the technology and expertise to keep their lead generation costs low, yet provide some of the best possible leads for your organization.

When it comes to choosing the right telemarketing firm, choose one that has experience in your industry. Make sure they have followed all the rules and regulations that apply to the target market in the states you have identified as your target areas. Check their references to ensure they have a successful track record.

Some organizations have played with the idea of establishing their own call center. On the surface, this might look like a cost-saving idea. However, experience tells us otherwise. Money spent on outsourcing pays off compared to the investment made in in-house call centers related to the return.

Blue Valley Telemarketing has developed proven sales generation strategies that will work with your organization. Furthermore, our professionals are experts in several telemarketing services that make us a one-stop-shop. Find out why we’re a perfect match for you by contacting us today.

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