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Smiling TelemarketerStrategy is an important word in marketing. It involves thinking about outcomes, establishing goals, segmenting lists, and many other tasks that culminate into a successful campaign that offers an excellent return on investment. If you’ve decided to include telemarketing into your strategy, you’re taking the right steps. However, telemarketing, to be successful, also requires strategic marketing decisions.

The script is a crucial piece of the puzzle where telemarketing is concerned, but it’s not something you do first when planning a campaign. In some cases, you might want to start with teleprospecting, which involves a lot more than just putting out a quick script that is read by agents on an aggressive call schedule. This, too, requires strategic planning.

Everyone wants to be profitable, but not everyone starts in the right place to see that profit. It has to start with a solid foundation, and the foundation of your telemarketing strategy is built with people working together in a development phase where you outline everything you’d like to see in your campaign.

Successful strategic marketing campaigns begin with a detailed overview of your product or service. These campaigns are also highly in tune with the target market – you have to know your audience, their wants, needs, and when they might be willing to go from prospect to customer.

When marketing campaigns are connected with the right telemarketing agency, the message is communicated clearly. The script is dialed-in to deliver the most impact with the fewest words in the shortest amount of time. The right telemarketer will know about calling methods – which ones work and which ones don’t work. They know about tactical calling, needs-based teleprospecting and hybrid calling.

For instance, if you have a niche service or just a single product or service you’re offering, tactical calling can be a highly effective method of telemarketing because it focuses on delivering your message to a decision-maker and little nurturing needs to happen. Needs-based teleprospecting is what telemarketers use when an organization has a large variety of services that need to be addressed in a single campaign.

The calling technique includes being more vague at first until the prospect’s interests can be more finely whittled down. Hybrid calling, as the name would suggest, utilizes a little of both of the previous methods, however, it does tend to be a little more conversational after a quick elevator pitch is delivered.

When trying to decide on which telemarketing firm should handle your campaign, be sure to ask about their strategies and if they’ve worked with companies in your industry previously. Try to choose only those that have extensive knowledge of strategic marketing and can prove their track record.

Blue Valley Telemarketing is a company that has years of strategic marketing experience. Most marketers are using multiple channels when launching a campaign and Blue Valley makes sure the telemarketing channel is the highest performer. We use strategic marketing and content marketing to bring the results that have clients coming back to us campaign after campaign. Contact us today and we’ll discuss how we’ll deliver on your next project.

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