Successful Content Marketing Strategies Start With Knowing Who Your Audience Is

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Using Telemarketing to Strengthen Your Content Marketing Strategies

content marketing strategiesThe best content marketing strategies take into account several key foundational aspects that must be considered from the outset of a B2B campaign. The first core component of every successful B2B strategy is knowing who your audience is.

Organizations that focus first on identifying their target audience ask themselves who would find that content valuable, who their potential customer is, and who their current clients are. Most organizations are capturing data on their current clients with every move they make, which means tapping into this data is a must. You can also use telemarketing to have conversations with your clients and ask them what it is they would like to see next out of your organization. This can help you reach out to others who are not yet in the buy cycle.

As a marketer, you want to make sure your content is speaking to your target audience. The right message will pull in new clients and move existing clients through the sales cycle at a faster rate. However, you have to consider where each of them are in the buy cycle and sculpt your message accordingly. A survey by MarketingCharts reveals that most B2B content falls into one of six categories; video/multimedia, infographics, blogs, white papers, case studies and detailed guides. This content lands on everyone from the pre-sales stage to the final sales process. Of course, telemarketing can help push any of these categories.

Content can’t promote itself if your target audience doesn’t know it exists, and if they don’t, it might as well not exist. How you distribute your content will largely depend on where your clients and potential clients go to gain information. An obvious first option for distribution would be social media. However, pushing content through blogs on your website (and promoting the content through social media) can greatly impact how your content is being consumed. Telemarketing is also an excellent channel to use in promoting content.

Your content marketing strategies will determine whether your B2B campaign fails or succeeds. Your business can be transformed by following the right strategies. HubSpot embarked on a content marketing campaign that helped revenues grow by more than 80 percent. Monetate also put the right strategies in place to see their traffic increase by more than 200 percent and their sales double. Have you considered using telemarketing in your campaign to see similar results?

Why does telemarketing, an age-old channel, still work? It has to do with the human touch. The B2B marketers know how well received they are by decision-makers in the organizations they reach out to. Telemarketing connects people of mutual interest and furthers the buy cycle along in a faster, more accurate direction.

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