Smart Content Marketing Strategies Include Streamlining Your Website

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

How Marketing Strategies can Boost Income

marketing strategiesWeb users today are attracted to sites that are minimalistic, feature large and vivid photography, simple navigation, harmonious visuals, more horizontal symmetry and negative space. Creating a simple site doesn’t mean you take away elements – it means you work harder to create a visually impactful pallet that retains complete functionality. It must also be a consistent part of your overall marketing strategies, which will integrate other channels and marketing tools, including telemarketing.

Here are some trends to be aware of in web design today:

  • Simple navigation – Keeping the reader on the page of your site longer could be as easy as keeping the aesthetic clutter to a minimum while using more efficient navigation tools. Designers are trimming away the traditional navigation bar for the hamburger icon, which is the icon with three lines stacked on top of each other (bun/burger/bun), and when clicked, a drop down menu reveals the traditional navigation options.
  • Intense typography – Designers are also trimming back on many dramatic elements of their layouts, but they’re saving some for typography. Some are even producing their own custom typography to become the focal point in the framework. The meaning behind the content is understood while the visual becomes more intriguing.
  • Large images – You might hear the large images on the landing page referred to as “hero” images. These images are often evenly weighted by simple text or graphics throughout the page. The best designers are able to find a high-resolution photograph with all the relevant content and negative space.
  • Negative space – It sounds like a bad thing, but negative space is actually good when it comes to web layout. White, black or dark backgrounds are used in a high percentage of these types of layouts today, but as mentioned above, photographs with plenty of blue-sky or fluffy clouds, or plain, light colored walls do the trick where negative space is concerned. It’s minimal, clean and easy to balance, which is what keeps visitors on the page longer.

A clean website full of the right content can lead to more interest from your target audience, which turns into a quality lead – something every telemarketing campaign needs to put more consumers and/or clients into the sales cycle. Many consumers are doing the bulk of their research about products online. Make sure your content is where it needs to be, your design elements current, and you’ll have a more successful telemarketing campaign.

The reason telemarketing has been around for decades and continues to be a go-to where marketing strategies are concerned is that it is one of the most proactive steps a marketer can take. The human touch continues to be the best way to pull in a prospective customer.

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