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Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Content Marketing and Distribution Important in Sales Process

content marketingThe ways in which clients become engaged in the buy cycle have increased, yet the amount of time the average buyer remains in the buy cycle has also increased. According to Kapost, a marketing strategy software company, the average cycle has increased by 22 percent in the last five years. When it comes to content marketing, what can your company do to improve the rate at which your clients enter and exit the buy cycle?

We know that the longer it takes a client to get through the process of making a purchase, the less revenue you can generate, which negatively affects the growth of your company. The longer it takes to get them through the cycle, the more drain you see on your company’s resources. The goal then is to shorten that cycle without compromising the total per-sales amounts. Many organizations have learned that creating strong content marketing strategies can help. Also, a focus on how that content is distributed is equally as important.

The landscape has changed when it comes to interacting with leads. A study published in the Harvard Business Review reveals that in the B2B arena, 60 percent of the decisions that are made prior to the execution of a purchase are completed before the supplier has been contacted. That means, in general, the buyer is doing their research online, long before your company has a chance to interject and help sway the process.

Content marketing can help alter the course of the “conversation” by putting the information out there where buyers can see it. Assuming your content creation is hitting on all the important touch points, you need to consider the channels through which you’re disseminating the information. For instance, are you using LinkedIn for your B2B content marketing efforts? Engaging professionals through social media channels is an important aspect of marketing today.

Another channel that can’t be skipped when it comes to distribution is telemarketing. Buyers today are much more likely to conclude their transaction faster if they’re engaged in the human touch. There is no other channel, other than live events, that is more effective at delivering the human touch than in telemarketing. It’s cost effective and reaches out to the maximum number of people in a more effective way than passive attempts can achieve.

If you do your research, you’ll find a telemarketing firm that can assist you in building your content as well as distributing it. By using the latest software and hardware on the market, telemarketers can quickly and effectively reach out to a large number of qualified leads, which helps to shorten your buy cycle and improve profits.

Blue Valley Telemarketing is one such company. We have years of experience in building content and distributing it to decision makers – the people who have the power to make buying decisions. Get connected to us today so we can connect you to the buyers that will boost your profits.

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