Publisher Campaigns

Serving the Publishing industry since 1991.

BPA/AAM/VAC Audits = 100% success.

Our clients choose to work with us for the following reasons:

Our Average cost per subscriber is often lower in comparison to other vendors.

We are able to convert at a higher rate than other telemarketing vendors in the U.S. and abroad.

Our analysis and on time reporting is superior to other vendors.

Our ability to deliver an overall greater value and greater savings is best realized when clients take advantage of the following combination.

BVTM’s higher conversion rates of ReQual projects, produces the need for fewer New Names. Converting a higher % of New Names requires the purchase of fewer New Name records.

Blue Valley Marketing’s real-time analysis on new name lists enables purchase of smaller test lists before making a commitment to a larger, more expensive file. This leads to the purchase of ONLY the best performing lists. NOTE: We all know that good new name lists are difficult to come by.

Blue Valley Marketing is helping our clients to identify new list sources, divided by marketing segment, saving them thousands of dollars a year.

Blue Valley Marketing (BVTM) is offering our clients a volume and off-season discount. We believe that we can provide a significant savings over your current rate.

Here are some of the many publishers we’ve worked with over the years: