Pairing B2B Lead Generation Techniques for Success

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Add Telemarketing to Boost Your ROI on Other B2B Lead Generation Techniques

You’re about to embark on a B2B lead generation campaign, but before you begin, you may want to ask yourself a few questions. Where did your current customers first encounter your company? Identifying where you’ve been successful in the past with connecting with new leads may help you determine a starting point for your next campaign.

Don’t stop there, though. Even though you may know that the majority of your leads generally occur through live events, for instance, you may be able to give your efforts a boost by pairing one B2B lead generation technique with another. For instance, telemarketing makes an ideal pairing with many of the common lead generation strategies. Let’s take a look at how telemarketing enhances other channels.

Email marketing: You can send out a great introductory email to new contacts that explains who you are and what you do in a few bullet points. Set it up for easy reading on a mobile device too, so that you don’t miss out on potential leads that check email primarily on smartphones.

Add in telemarketing: Email marketing is a great channel for nurturing leads, but you may find yourself longing for something a little more proactive. That’s where telemarketing comes in. You can ask whether they received the email, whether it was helpful to them and what they’d like to see in future editions.

Customer matches through social media: Social media allows you to upload an email list to match with users’ addresses in order to use customized advertising. You can also create “lookalike” lists where the platform allows you to advertise to users with similar profiles.

Add in telemarketing: While social media is great for brand awareness, it’s not so great for building personal connections. With telemarketing, you build a relationship of trust and loyalty through personal conversations. Telemarketing also gives you a chance to answer questions and build an ongoing relationship.

Content featuring long-tail keywords: Instead of using simple one or two-word keywords (which are unlikely to help your SEO in a crowded market), try incorporating phrases as keywords. The phrase should be something that is a likely search for products like yours. For instance, instead of “marketing,” you might use, “content marketing through video.”

Add in telemarketing: You don’t have to be on your own when it comes to identifying the right long-tail keywords to use in your content. Telemarketing gives you a chance to visit with contacts and ask them about the problems they’re encountering in their jobs or trends in the industry, which provides good clues about the types of keywords you can use.

If you’d like to know more about using telemarketing to balance your other marketing channels, talk with Blue Valley Marketing. We offer guidance for combining telemarketing effectively with other strategies and can help you create a B2B lead generation strategy that delivers growth.

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