Generating targeted leads and unlocking opportunities for your brand.

Working with Blue Valley Marketing professionals with vast lead generation experience also makes sense.

Our goal is simple – Integrate with our client’s sales and marketing effort to become a new profit center. We do everything to deliver the highest possible ROI.

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Say Goodbye to Missed Opportunities.

Marketers strive to capture the interest of prospective clients, positioning them to enter the sales pipeline through a process called lead generation. There are a number of methods and channels lead generation companies use to identify intent and stimulate interest in potential clients. There are so many, in fact, that there is a lot of noise to contend with within today’s market. 

You can cut through the noise with telemarketing.

Lead generation requires business development expertise, a focus on a pre-sales process intended to exclude time wasters in order to produce actionable leads that are rigorously profiled and properly qualified.

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Using Telemarketing As an integral part of your sales Strategy.

There are few things more important to B2B organizations than their leads. There is rarely such a thing as an impulse-buy when it comes to B2B transactions, which is why it’s important to have a strong list of quality leads filling your sales funnel. Many marketers continue to wonder how to generate leads that result in more business. One of the best strategies involves utilizing the power of telemarketing.

Lead generation must be designed a process, not an event. Blue Valley Marketing not only generates preliminary B2B leads; we also offer lead nurturing processes to secure your best return on investment.

We Are There When You Can’t Be, or Supplement Your Agents During Peak Times.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose Blue Valley Marketing after hours, on weekends or holidays, or in conjunction with your staff supplementing overflow; we will pick up right where you left off. Our call center technology can integrate with your in-house system to submit support tickets, web-based scheduling, appointment-setting, record orders, address problems, answer inquiries, and so much more.

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Identify and Convert New Business Opportunities Targeting Companies Your Sales People Could Not Reach.

Sales people desire to engage with prospects who demonstrated Intent to buy, have a clear time line, identified the necessary budget and are ready to talk. Some products/services require a simple sales process, others are more complex and take longer to complete. Some companies operate in a highly competitive environment while others enjoy a lower competitive landscape. 

All companies desire to identify new sales opportunities that match their best client criteria. Blue Valley Marketing will place your sales team in front of new opportunities your organization have yet to discover.

Lead Information your salespeople can act on.

Actionable lead – prospects that are qualified to have a business need for your product/services, have identified a budget, timing for decision is short, and have purchasing authority. Since they are properly profiled and qualified, they are worth your salespeople’s time and resources for further engagement, nurturing and direct sales efforts.

Blue Valley has been qualifying leads since 1991 for companies like DELL, HP, Motorola, SAP, and smaller organizations like KnowB4 and Code 42 to name a few.

We have proven to our customers that we can fill their sales funnel with qualified actionable leads while saving them money in the process. (cost per lead) 

We have generated tens of millions of dollars’ worth in new business opportunities (ten’s of thousands of leads).  We identify the type of leads we generate into these three types:


We secure talking to the right person, who answers all qualification questions (budget, authority, needs, and timeline). This person is ready for direct sales follow-up and should be made a priority to engage with one on one.


(Sales Qualified Lead) – We secure talking to the right person and obtain the answers to the qualification questions. This person is ready for direct sales follow-up.


(Marketing Qualified Lead) – We secure talking to the right person who answers the qualification questions. This person is primarily a contact that is sales-ready but is not yet ready for direct, personal attention from sales.

Cost Analysis: Outsource, or keep Lead Generation In-House?

Compare you all-inclusive fully Loaded annual investment to outsource Lead generation of only $63,000 $85,000 a year to the below real fully loaded costs of your in-house Telemarketing or Inside Sales support agents (not taking into account your cost associated with Attrition).

Entry Level Customer Service Representative

General hiring costs:                            $6,000
Office space:                                          $15,000
Software and hardware expenses:  $3,000
Customer service management:     $20,000
Employee salaries (with benefits):   $65,000


Total In-House Annual Investment

Mid-Range Customer Service Representative

General hiring costs:                             $12,000
Office space:                                           $25,000
Software and hardware expenses:    $3,000
Customer service management:       $20,000
Employee salaries (with benefits):     $95,000


Total In-House Annual Investment

High-End Customer Service Representative

General hiring costs:                             $20,000
Office space:                                           $45,000
Software and hardware expenses:   $5,000
Customer service management:      $40,000
Employee salaries (with benefits):   $140,000


Total In-House Annual Investment

eric muench
Blue Valley is my exclusive telemarketing vendor. I appreciate the total package that they provide. From scripting and set up, to reporting and campaign management, right through to delivery of the final data files, everything has been 100% reliable, professional, and on time.
Eric Muench
Director of Audience Development @ Trade Press Media Group, Inc.

We Gaurantee Satisfaction

The entire Blue Valley team, are wonderful to work with. Whether it’s recommending new lists to try or ways to generate revenue for our other business areas, the Blue Valley Team is always so responsive and helpful in recommending best practices.
mary venianakis
Mary Venianakis
Circulation/Audience Manager @ SME
Important things that matter to a business – value – service – quality – responsiveness, Blue Valley has consistently delivered for our publishing company in the many years we’ve been working with them. They’ve never missed the mark.
john mansavage
John R. Mansavage
Director of Marketing @ W.D. Hoard & Sons Company
I have worked with Blue Valley for many years. The company has always provided excellent service and a superior product. They have proven to be extremely flexible as we have done a wide variety of projects over the years.
bruce sprague
Bruce A. Sprague
Owner @ The Sprague Group
Blue Valley Marketing has been working with us to testing some innovative ideas that are helping us to communicate with our customers in a more efficient way for the benefit of the customer. Also resulting in cost savings for Gardner.
mary leiphart
Mary Leiphart
Audience Development Director @ Gardner Business Media, Inc.
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