Outbound Marketing Strategies That Increase Results

See Better Outbound Marketing Results With Telemarketing

Due to the fact that inbound marketing can take an exceedingly long time before positive resultsoutbound marketing are achieved, outbound marketing tactics have been the focus of many marketers lately. If you’re a marketer who has had difficulties with your inbound efforts, consider outbound marketing strategies that utilize proven channels such as telemarketing.

Inbound marketing strategies create quality content, you make sure it is perfectly suited for the channels through which you distribute it, and you watch leads begin pouring in. It sounds like a perfect scenario, but too often, this either doesn’t happen as planned, or it simply takes too long.

What if you could achieve the results you’ve been looking for, but in a month instead of six months? Would you be willing to change your approach? Considering outbound marketing is a smart move, but there are some similarities to inbound marketing when it comes to creating content – it has to be impactful; it has to matter. Instead of thinking about all the channels you’re going to use, consider the message first. You can better sculpt your message if you know if your message is hitting the sales funnel at the top, middle or bottom.

The multi-channel approach means you’ll be sending out your content through social media sites. Again, you have to consider your audience as you build your content, as it will differ somewhat for each site. For instance, you’ll only have 140 characters on Twitter to make your pitch (followed by a link to information). Copy you produce for Facebook will differ from that which you build for LinkedIn, etc.

To be successful in outbound marketing, it requires that you don’t put all your efforts into too few channels. However, one channel that continues to be successful with B2B marketers is telemarketing. It’s a tried and true method of proactively reaching out to existing and potential clients and engaging them with your content.

Some of your outbound strategies might begin with advertising or email campaigns. These channels can be used as an introduction, funneling information to a mass number of potential leads, resulting in a small percentage that will express interest. Engaging these potential clients in a telemarketing effort can produce positive results, as they are now more highly qualified leads.

Telemarketing comes with some cost, but it’s a channel that offers an excellent return on investment. Even the B2B leads that don’t immediately enter the sales cycle are now in a position to be nurtured, which experience has shown means that they will become higher valued assets in the future.

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