Marketing Techniques That Leverage Telemarketing See a Better Return on Investment

At Blue Valley Marketing we believe the relationship and connection between people is central and critical to success.

Tips for Integrating Telemarketing With Your Other Marketing Techniques

In good times and bad, regardless of how long your company has been around – there is a constant need for new customers. Marketing techniques exist to create the best opportunities for you to reach out and connect with customers, both old and new. The trick is finding which channels hold the greatest promise for success.

There is no single way to connect with all of your potential customers. It is important therefore to discover which channels will reach the optimal number. For some companies a social media outreach can be highly effective while others will experience the greatest amount of connection through special events or email campaigns. What does work for most businesses is combining one or more of those channels with telemarketing.

Telemarketing Leading up to Important Events

You can utilize telemarketing to empower your other marketing techniques. Maybe you are a company who connects well through exhibitions or special events like seminars. Use telemarketing beforehand to generate interest or to find out what specifics should be included in your event to make it most worthwhile for customers.

Calls made by a professional call staff are still a good way to hone down your list of cold call contacts and lay some positive groundwork for later sales contacts.

Telemarketing During an Ongoing Campaign

Are you advertising? Want to find out how many people are taking notice? You can have existing customers tell you or you can do some telemarketing research during your campaign cycle to gain insight into who notices your brand as a result. Or maybe you need some real-time feedback on how customers are interacting with your product. Telemarketing gives you a way to be “on hand” to answer questions, address issues or gauge responses in the midst of your marketing efforts.

Follow-up With Telemarketing

Other marketing techniques work even better when you follow them up with a telemarketing effort. Soon after you conclude other efforts, if you make a human connection with potential customers, it helps make a lasting impression and solidify relationships.

Marketing Techniques Are Important to Retaining Existing Customers

You’ll spend more gaining new customers than it costs to hold onto the ones you already have. So while it will always be necessary to reach out for new prospects, don’t forget to use your marketing efforts to maintain a positive connection with the customers with whom you are currently doing business. Ask them for feedback. Make them aware of new products or services. Communicate important information in a timely way.

Different companies will find success through differing market channels. But adding telemarketing to those channels supports and strengthens your efforts. If you’re ready to explore ways to combine telemarketing with your current marketing techniques, contact us at Blue Valley Telemarketing. We have the experience to become surefire partners in lead generation, customer research or client relations.

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