Marketing Objectives: Include Telemarketing in Your Strategy

Track Targeted KPIs to Know if You Are Meeting Your Marketing Objectives

marketing objectivesWhat are your most common key performance indicators (KPIs)? If you’re like most organizations, you’re looking at leads, sales revenue and the cost per lead as you top KPIs. To truly hit your marketing objectives, you need to be looking at a number of KPIs that are outside the normal everyday KPIs.

When you know which KPIs to track, there is a better chance that you’ll be able to adjust your marketing objectives to come to a more productive end result. For instance, there is a good chance that some of your marketing objectives, while well intentioned, are actually losing your company money. Without knowing which KPIs to track, you’re not going to know exactly which objectives need to be tweaked.

Inbound Marketing

Look at how much revenue has been generated through inbound marketing campaigns. Now take that total and weigh it against what you spent to develop your inbound campaign. Are you coming out on top? Most inbound activities include developing quality content, getting your brand out there through blogging, podcasting, social media channels, etc. However, if you’re using telemarketing as part of your inbound campaign, you’re probably seeing a good return on investment (ROI).

Outbound Marketing

This is another effort that needs to be tracked. Your outbound campaign might include direct mail, advertisements on television, traditional print ads and telemarketing. Again, weigh your sales through these efforts against what it cost to set them up and carry them out. Your telemarketing can offer you an excellent ROI.

Knowing What Goes Into the Overhead

The biggest factors in your overhead costs include the money you pay your employees to carry out these tasks, as well as the technology and software you need to do it efficiently. You should also take into account marketing distribution and costs related to advertising. Don’t be afraid to make an investment in bringing in a third party to handle your telemarketing as this is an area that almost always shows a good return.

Calculating Customer Value

The equation here is fairly straightforward. You simply take your average sales amount and multiply that by the number of times a customer buys your product in a 12-month period, and then multiply that by the average number of years you retain a customer. One way organizations have improved their outcomes with this equation is to build up lead nurturing campaigns with a telemarketing agency.

Marketing objectives that include building up a more focused, proactive attempt at relating to the target market see a spike in sales. Whether it’s a sales campaign, lead nurturing or lead generation effort – telemarketing is among the best at offering a higher ROI. Telemarketing works because it involves the power of the human touch – conversation that leads to a better understanding of the client or prospective client.

Blue Valley Telemarketing has qualified professionals with years of experience in lead development and lead nurturing campaigns. We’re also specialists in content marketing. Our solutions have offered clients a quantifiable reason to choose telemarketing as part of their marketing objectives, year after year. We continually upgrade our hardware and software to ensure our clients are always connected to the latest and greatest resources. Furthermore, our ongoing training focus keeps our staff in the know and capable of effectively communicating with clients and prospective clients.

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