Marketing for Small Business: Make Telemarketing Your Main Channel

marketing for small businessEven the smallest businesses are marketing themselves -whether it’s talking to a group of friends about what the company does or producing expensive television commercials. What professionals have learned over the years in developing a marketing for small business strategy is that one of the most effective ways to market is through telemarketing.

Telemarketing when used for marketing for a small business establishes one of the fastest ways to get your brand, your products in front of the most potential customers. A good team of telemarketers works with business owners to develop a campaign that will convince potential buyers to not only listen to the telemarketer, but to engage in conversation that leads to a sale.

It’s this conversation aspect that has small business owners coming back to telemarketing time and again. Through conversation we learn the likes and dislikes of a potential customer. We get ideas for new products, we revise current products, we understand where the consumer is in the buying cycle, and we develop enough of an understanding about that individual to nurture them through the sales process.

These advantages in and of themselves are enough to convince most business owners to give telemarketing a try, but another advantage is the cost effectiveness of telemarketing. Rather than going through a large number of calculations to see what the return on investment is, which is what you have to do with other marketing channels, you can see your results immediately.

The side effect of bringing telemarketing into your marketing for small business strategy is improved sales and the ability to promote a business 24 hours a day (if you’re going global or if you’re list includes night owls). While we’ve focused on small businesses in this column, it’s important to note that large businesses use telemarketing services everyday – including Fortune 500 companies.

Some small businesses have tried to take on the task of telemarketing themselves. While this might prove advantageous for some, in many cases it can lead to negative consequences. For instance, a call center set up in-house with little to no expertise on how an effective center is run can hurt a brand. Telemarketing professionals are expert communicators who know exactly how to say what needs to be said to boost the reputation of a brand and sell a product.

One of the services a telemarketing firm offers is inbound telemarketing. This gives your customers a chance to ask questions about your products, file complaints or request general services like a normal help desk. The inbound method is also popular with sales campaigns. Because the scope of a campaign can change over time, most telemarketing firms are equipped to up the number of telemarketers working a campaign, or downsize it if needed.

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