Live Monitoring Increases Efficiency

When it comes to creating brand awareness, companies put in many, many man-hours to ensure that when they reach out to an audience – it’s the right audience. Building up a reliable contact list is only one part of the battle; once that contact list is built, the right words have to be said to create a positive interaction. One of the ways to ensure that telemarketers are representing the brand in the most effective way possible, and live monitoring is a way to achieve this.

Live monitoring gives a real-time look into the heart of a campaign to ensure agents are following the proper steps and script within the campaign. The way agents are using the script is key to compliance and campaign effectiveness. If they are following it precisely and no progress is being made, administrators know it’s time to revise the script. Perhaps the agent is stumbling in a couple of areas where he/she is losing callers’ interest. This is an opportunity to catch it while it’s happening and training that agent on how to clear those hurdles.

Some companies will live monitor twice a week at a minimum. Doing this allows them to catch inefficiencies in the campaign and cut down on call times and call volumes. But there is another perk to using live monitoring that many companies don’t focus on as much as they do a successful campaign – and it’s all about compliance.

Live monitoring, when used properly, has gotten many companies through audits with flying colors. The industry is facing a minefield of obstacles today, both on state and federal levels. Getting caught up in an audit can be costly if all the regulations haven’t been followed. Live monitoring adds an extra layer of protection against compliance issues.

The software available today gives telemarketers a leg up on live monitoring, allowing managers to listen in to calls, follow along with scripts, see call times, wait times and any number of data that leads to a comprehensive look at the campaign.

Why risk the hard work that marketers have invested in a campaign? Pick a reliable firm to bring valuable tools, like live monitoring, to work for your campaign. One such firm is Blue Valley Telemarketing, where qualified professionals offer an outstanding return on investment with reliable and secure services.

One key Blue Valley customer put it best when she said, “BVTM was very responsive and true to our agreement. They knew my expectations and continue to do everything they can to exceed them. I always felt like my business was a priority.”

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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