Leave Event Marketing to the Professionals: Telemarketers

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Telemarketing 2Marketers have a fairly wide range of duties when it comes to pushing their brand, developing leads and driving sales. When it comes to generating buzz about events, marketers aren’t always equipped to pull this off. Telemarketing, however, can be utilized to great benefit when it comes to maxing out your RSVPs.

For the best results in event marketing, organizers must follow several steps and develop a sound strategy. Social activities require a time commitment from participants, which means several things have to line up for your event to be successful. Telemarketing can assist in this endeavor.

First, there is the planning phase where you will research the topics you want to present and look to see if similar seminars/events have been held in the region that mirror those topics. You must then decide when and where to host the event. Will it be a one-day, short event or a multi-day, extensive event? This often depends on your time, resources and the availability of an expert panelist to lead the seminar.

Once these items are decided, you need to generate interest about your event, which is where telemarketing comes into play. The telemarketing team can establish clear consent early on, which allows you to be in direct contact with your target market.

Some marketers will turn to social media event marketing to get more people at their events. Unfortunately, many of the older decision makers that decide how many of their employees will be allowed to attend an event are not as social media literate as the younger generation, which means this approach will fall flat. Using social media in conjunction with a more proactive approach, such as telemarketing, can increase the level of participation as well as positive outreach to decision makers.

When you use telemarketing, you can have conversations with your target audience and get real-time answers to your questions about their interest in attending. Through this conversation you can determine why your event is gaining interest or never getting interest in the first place. It could be timing, cost, content or other reasons that are out of your control. Using the right telemarketing firm, you can bank this knowledge and rely on it for later events.

You might be tempted to embark on a telemarketing campaign of your own with an in-house crew. While this seems like a financially responsible thing to do, it can actually be detrimental to your event. Professional telemarketers know how to relay a message to your target audience, and they have the technology to do it much more efficiently than you can with your in-house crew.

Picking the right telemarketer doesn’t have to be a trying and stressful experience. First, look for telemarketers that have experience working in your industry. Then, check out their track record to see if they have complaints filed against them. Finally, talk to organizations that have worked with them in the past to see if they experienced a good return on investment.

Companies that choose Blue Valley Telemarketing not only get a high functioning, professional and ethical telemarketing firm, they also get results. Whether it’s planning an event, lead development, political or a publishing campaign, Blue Valley is equipped and expertly trained to bring you results.

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