Lead Nurturing Improves the Purchase Path

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Using Telemarketing for Better Lead Nurturing

lead nurturingAs a B2B marketer, you know the path from initiating a relationship with a client to closing on a sale is far more complicated than in the B2C markets. The process might take months due to the fact that competition is quite heavy and decision makers have a responsibility to their company to ensure they’re making the right purchase. Lead nurturing is a critical tool to use in this process.

The path to a purchase is also quite nuanced, which means research is necessary in the beginning stages of a buyer’s process. Content marketing efforts are geared toward putting the right information in the right place for the buyer.

This can come in the form of white papers, case studies, or blogs and informational articles on the company website. Buyers won’t know to access this information unless you use the right channels to connect to them. However, 70 percent of B2B buyers say they do their own research on the Internet in an effort to find the right product/service for their organization, which means SEO has to be a priority, but so too do proactive measures, such as using telemarketing to establish a firm relationship with the buyer whether in Los Angeles or New York.

The B2B decision maker needs a source of information that is as willing to listen as they are to provide information about products and services the buyer might want. This is nearly impossible with digital forms of content distribution. Email exchanges can get there, but it’s a fairly impersonal form of communication that is also inefficient, especially in terms of lead nurturing, which is better left to actual conversation.

The B2B buyer wants someone to explain to them why they should buy a particular product, which means you have to be able to first understand the company’s needs, and this is where the listening aspect of lead nurturing is important. Telemarketing is the best channel for lead nurturing as it involves an actual conversation using the human touch.

The B2B buyer will research about a dozen suppliers before they pull the trigger on a sale. Their first point of contact might be your company’s website. Most marketers will have the site designed in such a way that interested buyers can click on a link to download the pertinent information on a product, but only after they’ve filled out a contact form that gives telemarketers the information they need to reach out and make the pitch “in person.”

Getting the buyer interested might be the first in many steps in the lead nurturing effort. However, studies indicate that nurtured leads, when they finally do get to the sales department, are going to spend more money per order than leads that do not require the nurturing process.

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